Monday, January 08, 2007

an honest man is always a child - socrates

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"level with your child by being honest. nobody spots a phony quicker than a child."

+ mary maccracken +

i believe in that + i think a toddler could better sense another person's motives + attitude towards them + would openly reciprocate. hence, me declining to hold a baby younger than six months old. they can always sense my anxiety + would go crying every single time. takoot laa pegang baby kechik, nanti salah pegang, tergolek dog how?

what's up with the talk about babies? well, yet again i spent the weekend surrounded by toddlers. even when i'm hanging out with my single friends, we got dragged to the company of them toddlers. it's like they've decided to beramai2 invade my world. come on! there's other interesting people to pester out there, why me?

shooh! shooh!

yesterday, i met little 2 1/2 year old isyraf; he's adorably smart, sharp + curious. after the short "cak! cak! cak!" of getting to know each other, he gave me a bearhug. ayoh! touched siot by the kind gesture. bye bye cik pms! it was me he hugged. but then i didn't have the stamina to lambung2 him non-stop, now thank goodness for cik pms, who even doubled up as a guitar teacher. i ended up being the english teacher going through his vocabulary, offering the right pronunciation, "pumpkin" ... "eekin" ... "pumpkin" ... "eekin" ... "nose"... "nosh" ... "nose" ... "nosh". :op

on saturday, there was a birthday party. nad has got brilliant images from the do, mine seemed too amateurish compared to hers. shy ok! so, i'm supplemeting my overview to her detailed observation of arina's birthday party. more images + reporting @ nina’s+nad’s

i deliberately left out all images with the clown bekos he called me, "auntie". :op


NaHLaH said...

i like all pics except the one with me in it!!

helpppp!! mcm mana nak kurus dgn senang dan berkesan??

Erra said...


alamak! asal you tak suka the picture ... i tot you were gorgeous in it?

my attitude now, aim for being healthy ... issues with gemuk/kurus, play with baju. hehe!

tom abang saufi sentiasa gorgeous apa?

NaHLaH said...

gorgeous?? aiyohhh tolongla wegra!!

then have to get tom abg saufi's baju ke?? *pengsan*

Erra said...


i panicked sebab you emo + went asking hefle ... see ... she said you've got good skin ... that's what she admires about you.

kita accentuate mana yang attractive laa ... problem2 tu sorok bawah tikar. ;o)

without baju tom abang saufi pun you're stylo enough ... oh ya! i love your handbag!!!!!

bertique said...

anak u mana akak wegra?


Erra said...


chet!!! menyesal ok layan the notification ... i'm switching my msn off now!

cemana someone 3 months older than me call me akak ni? sungguh terbalik dunia ini.

mummy-o said...


cant wait to see more....... :D

Erra said...


alamak ... i haven't done anything yet ... this weekend yerk me process the images. :o)

NaHLaH said...

hahaha... ok2 i follow your advice.

me emo eh?? woopppssiee!! new 2007 resolution : jgn emo. ;)

Erra said...



Gravt Kills said...


Erra said...

gravt kills