Friday, January 05, 2007

line ups

//butterfingers: the warm up sessions with prana + love me butch + seven collar t-shirt + 18sgg//06 january 2007//3 pm//zouk kl//

//samsons//06 january 2007//8 pm//kl sentral//

//butterfingers: pushful 10th anniversary with republic of brickfields + oag//13 january 2007//3 pm//zouk kl//

//boys II men//26 + 27 january 2007//8 pm//arena of stars genting//

//muse//25 february 2007//8 pm//stadium merdeka kl//

take your pick! lets jom abish duit! i'll return phone calls later tonite ... at the moment am totally knackered + otak serabuts.

good weekend y'all, good weekend.

p.s. psst! tiena ... dah curi dengar hefle sing belum? if you thought i could sing, wait til you listen to hefle sing, soulful maut! kompem ternganga. :op

06:08 06/01/2007 - found this video clip when i was taking my break, used to love kula shaker ... their single "govinda" attracted me to them ... it's in sunskrit, well praising lord krishna la tapi ... and then there's "hush", "hey dude", "tatva", "jerry was dead" + i got addicted.

"hush" cover by kula shaker

10 comments: said...


c u dis weekend eh?:)

cHikAnoZ said...

muse joomm..

Erra said...


quite tied up gaks ... will definitely make time to see you this weekend. :o)


are you sure? i see you @ muse then ... ada berani? ;o)

mummy-o said...

betul wegz..i luv to hear her sing tapi susah nye nak dpt dengar.. for the house pls!


Maryam Samirah said...


eleh ... you sing well too. hehe!

before lauryn hill punya gig dulu + after force of nature ... she was singing and singing and singing ... tapi i tak tegur la, let her drown in her music ... best gila! :op

anisism said...

saya juga nak museeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

che'fara said...

happy new year darling, and happy belated birthday.
ur only 28.dont be so uptight lah.


intoxicated said...

hi there,
selalu n dah lame dok singgah blog u nie n had always been silent tp cant help it to ask abt boyz II u know to get the tickets?

mental muz said...

muse *drool*

Maryam Samirah said...


lets muse! seriously


uptight? heh ... was merely mocking myself. i bet after a while i'd lupa daratan again. :op

thanks very much for the wishes.


thank you for reading my incoherent drivel

i went to the genting website for tickets ... ... first 1,000 tickets purchased (since 22/12) will get a discount of 20% but if you missed that sign up for the eGenting membership + you'll get a 10% discount off the tickets.

lets jom! i'd be the perempuan gila standing from the beginning of the show, singing ... oh maybe not ... shouting along to the songs.


don't just drool ... gi menabung cepat, we still have time ... lets jump in the pit together gether ... this time i can jump because i know the songs