Monday, January 29, 2007

motownphillyness ey?

we're back + i'm swamped!

widie almost died sitting next to me at the gig. she suffered having to hear my professed undying love towards shawn of BOY 11 MEN, distance saved zizie + huda. i can't write much about the gig as my blog is being watched + i have been warned that a big portion of the trip should stay off record. demmit!

i'll upload my few images from the gig + a video clip soon. i went all bonkers that night, so much so i forgot that i brought my camera. saw a lot of people as well, some i managed to tegur, a few i couldn't.

anyways, for the girls ... as promised, tattva by kula shaker



Anonymous said...

blogger beware!


Anonymous said...



tunggu .....

Anonymous said...

pics on my flickr.

*still giggling with excitement, post-concert*

elly said...

you guys!!

best nyer...

we want the JUICY details wegz and pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah... can't wait for the photos... and that vid...

on hindsight.. i could've just gone to the concert kan... it's monday and i am still waiting for the sign :p ...

but then again - the excitement of the concert may induce contractions plaks..

mental muz said...

did they swipe u off ur feet? sweettt :op

Erra said...


makkk aiii!!! your pictures are dead clear ... i could see the lobang of shawn's nose!


i kene sembelih if i publish juicy details ... they've got my secrets!


you should've come ... kalo ada contraction pun tak pe ... we had doctors in the house. zeti pernah tolong orang beranak pe.


perli ka? grrRRrrRRrr


TunaTurner said...

mase u called hefle to let her listen to menIIgramps,i tumpang sekaki dengar!:P

Mr Hobo said...

bukan ka B2M tu ada 4 orang ... satu lagi dah jatuh stage ka?

TriStupe said...

they do looked like they are 2 times bigger than they were previously, no?

The Momster said...

i am sooo jealous!! :P

gravtkills said...

mesti memorize every single word nie?

Anonymous said...

nanti gwe try email the full sized pics to u. all the lobang hidongs in life sized glory!

kudos to my trusty canon powershot heheh

Erra said...


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

alamak! malunye ... maknanyer you dengar laa i sing along + scream. :op


yup! there were four, tinggal tiga. the sexy baritone guy, micheal, (diye tenor ke bass?) left B2M because of health reasons.


yup! sometimes, age does that to you (read: make you taller sideways). :op


you should've come along! if you feel the tickets were expensive, you can skodeng the sound check with us under the fog. :op

gravt kills

errr ... that's a sensitive topic ... i tot i did, apparently i got some lyrics wrong. demmit! dah tua baru tahu! and my friends had fun laughing at me with me.


shall i chuck my olympus out the window?

Anonymous said...

no no no! ur olympus is very2 useful for celebrity candid poses ie. dayang :P

Anonymous said...



nanti i post dayang's picture.

Anonymous said...

maryam!! did they sing my song?? Aaliyah?? Tak kira la lagu org mati ke... hihihihihi

Anonymous said...


la la la la la la laa...

*gettin ready to sing in the still of the nite a-la weg&huhu*


Anonymous said...


sik da la babe ... they sang a few songs from their latest album + the popular songs from our zaman kanak2. :o)



shall we do 'on bended knees'?


la la la la la la la
la la

can we go back to the days
our love was strong
Ccan you tell me how
a perfect love goes wrong
can somebody tell me
how to get things back
the way they used to be
oh god, give me the reason
i'm down......


Anonymous said...

hihihihihi *blush*

naziah oi! see la your friend make fun of you!

ahahaha i'm so BAD *with one D*

btw, what hepon to your camera la? gone kaput?

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...