Wednesday, January 24, 2007

music is power

i can't wait for friday.

you know, when there's more than one girl from my school at a venue ... you'd definitely need an earplug. the girls may wear an innocent, quiet look ... don't be deceived. they are very the gila, weng, psycho!!! if you see a bunch of them, run for your life!!!

you donch believe?

ask the husbands + boyfriends, who were at the 10th year reunion. lucky they survived. :op

the video clip below reminded me of how secondary school was ... well, the singing in parts + turut tut pap ohh ohhh bit of it (hehe!) ... but then songs from early/mid 90s weren't as hip laa, they were agak fehlong + slow mo ya ampun ... apparently memang dari zaman tok kadok, the girls sokmo melalak ... oh well, i don't blame datin seri rosmah for loving to sing. :op

boys ii men punya pasal laa nih ...

hefle told me, last night her dream was in three parts. in one of them, she saw widie, zizie, hudrah + myself in a car heading for genting (for boys ii men, i presume). the car was having a hard time climbing, it was taking way too long to reach genting. well, i wish you could come with us too, ropies! :o)

ly-d laks going to the spital this weekend to beranak, hence no boys ii men for her. good luck, babe! donch forget the tv guide eh? ;o)

lets not wait for the next 10 years for a reunion, ey? the next reunion red house misti win! nanti miss vicky upset weh!!! do your homework, girls.

so jadi, have a smashing one this weekend peeps, 'cos i definitely will.

*lari buat kerja*


elly said...

you are going??!!!!

oh man!!! i soooo the ketinggalan and gonna be tinggal'ed!!!!

Mr Hobo said...

ni Katak punya reunion ka ni? habis lah banjir KL!!

TriStupe said...

how times flies sometimes eh?

sekejap still in school uniform, then suddenly everyone around you is mummies and daddies, some many times over!

Anonymous said...

why laa why laa old pictures come out again? hehe i see me!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Genting the BoyIIMen concert!! Wahh am soo jealous! Dont forget any of the lyrics kay!

Anonymous said...

wallahaey....hai weghra....

macm mana aku bleh tertinggal bace blog ko ni ha...ask zizie ur add blog...akhirnya.....:)

have a nice wiken...aku dok dapat joing korang selamat watching the boyz...daaaaaaa

TunaTurner said...

selamat ber-boysIImen,weggy...:)

Anonymous said...



hobo lobo

beli laa boat sebelum banjir


ooOOOohhh ... scary ok!


gambar baru laa ... 10th year reunion only yesterday!


thanks very much allya!


ghose!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lobe yew!!!


ma kashih!