Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OMG! she's singing y'all


*mobile phone video camera CAPTURE*

di keheningan malam
ku dakap mu
dakap erat
ku cinta pada mu
janji tak akan lepas lagi
di keheningan malam
di keheningan malam

shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa ohh ohh

shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa ...

so before the light
hold me again with all of your might
in the still of the night
in the still of the night
in the still of the night

keh! keh! keh! geli tak the malay translation? credits to widie. down memory lane, girls? ;o)

didn't we like sing 'in the still of the night' for police cadets camping's bonfire night? the whole platoon sang to widie's strumming of the guitar. we used to love singing harmony ek? like every single one would sing, me the suara katak inclusive, there's music at every corner of the college ...

woohoo!!! demam boys ii men bermula y'all!

to all who grew up to boys ii men ... lets jom peeps! yok jom peeps! moh jom peeps!

you guys suck!

p.s. eh, tetiba teringat shai - 'if i ever fall in love again' ... i'll mobile phone record me singing this song next! anyone for back up harmony + dancing? :op


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

lamanya tak visit..

hawau you? gud? gud...

apsal tak reply my text? tak bayar bil lagi la tu!!

zezz said...

we sang that song a capella in Misao sensei-no nihon-go class :P shoo wop doo wop and all.

she mustve suffered

Erra said...

cik pms

orang call ... hang tak jawab ... jawap ... err


japanese translated version or english? keh! keh! keh!

ti.e.na said...

eleh,record pastu tanak kasi org dengar buat pe..:p

Erra said...


hoih ... siapa yang record? mana ada? siapa?

tifu!!! tifu!!!

Stupe said...

i had to sing this song during the V.I. prefect orientation masa i was in Form 6. kena dress in rag and serve the seniors at Benteng (behind dataran merdeka).

so, this song was pretty much etched into my mind...

and also the parody of St John's school song.

anisism said...

nak ulang lagi.
rhymes la semua tu.

yew kewl laaaa. yew kewl...
i envy yewwwwww!

Erra said...


wow ... you can sing! wanna record the singing + send it over? :op

but yeah ... i'm sure peeps about our age has got the song deeply embedded in them


asal ni? rhyme, ryhme ni?

asal you envy my etymological rhythmic gymnastic skills? mau kena silambam?


anisism said...

i lurrrvveee yew long taiiim okehhhh....

don't stay mad. yew look horrible.

Erra said...


wah ... prom opis to opis oso you ken see ah?!

xazuru said...

wooo.. gamba ape tuh???

zuhri said...

errr....bila nak gi karaoke??

yes anis, you're invited too...hehe

Erra said...


gambar apa?


jom!!!! but not this month, agak kering ... dah belanja sakan. :op

Stupe said...

what do you meant people MY age?


Erra said...


yo bro ... i said 'OUR AGE' ... haiyoh! sensitive!!!! hahahahaha!

we're only two years apart lah, is being 30 that bad? :op

Stupe said...

LOL. Blame the old age la for misreading your comment. :)

anyway, to make up for it, i've blogged about it and even sang in it at my blog.

Erra said...



i tot i was the only gila one who'd do that! :op


another talented artiste singing @ http://opstupe.blogspot.com/ ... check it out!

Erra said...



i think i know where drama prince ryan got his crocodile tears from ... his dad's a drama king. ;o)

don't do that again ok ... i almost had a cardiac arrest.

ly-d said...

wargh.. boyz ii men... oh man.. layan pehlongs nye lagu.. lagi masih teringat di skolah kanak2 girang mengangi ngangi bersama gitar wid0ts

Erra said...


tu laa kan ... kat sekolah dulu best ... mengangi ngangi memanjang ... afternoon prep was our 'jamming' period. :o)

oh! post film show after lights out was our ronggeng period. red house laa ... he he he he

Stupe said...

me drama king?


:) then again, you saw me and bandit throwing our tantrum at EH concert ;-) LOL!

ps- don ya wish your gerfren was hot like me? doncha?

wegra said...


precisely ... with me caught in the middle of the crossfire, scary ok!