Thursday, January 11, 2007


saw cik pms, tiena + shrek for a bit, on monday. on our way to grab a bite, shrek started singing 'tender' by blur. la chanson a touché moi, mon cœur saigne, mon cœur pleure (boleh tahan fehlong jugak minah ni, hehe!). i've got the song stuck in my head since.

but i want to have joss stone's 'right to be wrong' playing right now:

well i guess, the biggest risk in life IS, really, not taking one.

oh ... i can’t wait for “the inheritance of loss” by kiran desai to reach malaysian shores! ke dah sampai? i can be very much ketinggalan zaman ... most of the time. hehe! kiran is anita desai’s daughter. i’ve read a snippet of the book over the net - aesthetic! the book illuminates the consequences of colonialism and global conflicts of religion, race, and nationality in its narration. beautifully written, at least the part that i read.

sorry ... i can't help it, harus nerd talk a bit. teehehe!

have a great week, what remains of it.

take good care of each other.



2007 travel itinerary
may - hanoi
july - kuching (rainforest world music festival)
august - bali
september - bangkok
motive of announcement: to tell the world that i'm temporarily pokai, for real, kindly postpone all plans until i'm back quids in. thank you.:op

oh ... and i'm excited with FAX code sharing plan to manchester, this would mean shoestring travelling to europe is within my reach (with manchester as a transit). fine, you'll have to pay for flight food, entertainment, blanket but who cares. woohoo!!! and i so miss urbis ... i so miss CUBE ... i so miss the lowry ... i so miss cornerhouse ... and justin timberlake will be at MEN Arena in may 2007. demmit!


The Momster said...

wow!! jelesnyerrr... nak ikutttt!!

me, havent even got new passport!! :P

Erra said...



i belum renew my passport lagi ... hantam beli air asia tickets using my ic ... hehe!


mental muz said...

oi ni apa ni? tahun 2007 is tahun melawat malaysia la! takkan kuching je kot??

TunaTurner said...

tekets kuching x lepas lg..!:(

Desparil said...

budget ticket to manchester.. RM 2k

rental of blanket... RM 100/pc

Lunch/dinner onboard... RM 200/packet

Toilet usage.... RM 500/entry

duduk kl je la cik wegra oii..

Erra said...


alang alang nak renew passport, baik throbang bebanyak ... jom gi langkawi pastu naik ferry gi krabi jom? :op


alaa tiena! tak pe ... kalo terlepas the cheapo fare, kita beli sampan ok?


hoih! your airline, asal mahal sangat nak pakai toilet????

i poo kat aisle pakai the sick bag ok tak?

jom arr des! kita trabel de werld ...

mental muz said...

there is ferry from langkawi to krabi? but why u want to go to krabi? alang2 sampai krabi baik pegi phuket/phi phi terus. sweetttt

Erra said...


yes ... there's a ferry service from langkawi to krabi ... dah sampai krabi ... suka hati laa nak island hop ke mana. now ... picture that!

eh ... i terforgot you've tentatively confirmed rainforest fest as well ... still on? if you missed air asia, there's malaysia airlines offer laks. 13 - 15 may 2006, we do saturday ... hari lain, we skodeng kuching