Friday, January 12, 2007

learning to see

A SIS Study Session:

Title: 'Understanding the Nature of Religious Hate Discourse: Why Context Matters in the Working of Conspiracy Theories'
Speaker: Dr. Farish A. Noor
Date: 17 January 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm (refreshments provided)
Venue: SIS Office, No. 7, Jalan 6/10, Off Jalan Tinggi 6/12, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The synopsis of his upcoming talk:

When addressing the question of 'Who speaks for Islam?’ the question can also be posed otherwise: It is not so much the case of who speaks for Islam, but rather who is listened to. Why have some voices become more dominant and why have others been sidelined or silenced? Does this have more to do with the subject -position of the speakers themselves and how they are seen in the wider public context? In the Muslim world today the struggle for discursive legitimacy and the right to speak on Islamic issues is defined not only by access to knowledge and information, but also by the subject-position of the speakers/authors themselves. Much of the ground-setting that goes into the articulation of religio-political discourse is and has been configured by external variable factors including the relationship between the speakers themselves and their relations to power and the constellation of power on a domestic and international level. We therefore need to look at how the configuration of power-relations helps as well as inhibits the freedom to speak on Islam and determines the validity/authenticity of what is being transmitted by those who engage in debates on religious issues. In this light, conspiracy theories - including claims of collusion, co-optation and partisanship - have an immediate effect on those who wish to engage in the debate on the norms and praxis of popular religiosity today.

please confirm your attendance by 15th January 2007 as there are limited seats available. Pls contact Nurul at 03 7785 6121 or e-mail at If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

on that same wednesday ... there's another invite

the opening of wei-ling gallery's first show of 2007 by Hamidi Hadi entitled "Alun" (i love the cord series, please don't ask me why) on Wednesday, 17th January 2007 from 7.00pm onwards.

Lim Wei-Ling
Wei-Ling Gallery,
No. 8 Jalan Scott,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

take your pick! :o)

enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Islam is being painted in the west as a violent and terrorist like society when we are the actual opposite of peace loving inviduals. No matter what comes through the media today we as Muslims have to set the best example to prove the allegations invalid. -ZARIQUE- said...

sowwee i fong fei kei-d u babe!:p
jom dinner at adik-williams',on me?:p

Maryam Samirah said...


hey you ... you understood my picture!

long time no see. fahmi rang me out of the blue over the weekend. probably 'tis time to catch up with you peeps. :o)


don't worry dear