Wednesday, January 03, 2007

her drivel in abundance

when the world turned 2007, a certain someone, known as cik pms, asked me "how does it feel to turn 29?". lucky she was on the other side of the phone. i got to enjoy 3 days of being 28 + now you want to call me 29?! b*tch!

i used to claim youth as a defense for everything until now, when suddenly everyone around me seems to be younger. shut up cik pms! i saw that snigger tiena! why are you smiling muz? how does it feel to turn 30 pijoh? :op

even most of them from the music fraternity who performed at rock the world were way younger than me. thank goodness for moots, who was standing a few steps away in the tent. i felt better when i saw him, he's my senior from university. so he's definitely OLDER ... can i do that again ... he's OLDER ... wow! to be able to call another older and bold the word, a real luxury nowadays.

recently, i accidently went all puerile in the attempt to justify a decision i made some time back + was met with "i think you're being childish". demmit! i am a child (at heart)! and that's not even the worst part. now, imagine that coming from one of them younger 'everyone'. ouch!

oh ya! did muz manage to get home safe? was he in bangkok or koh samui during the bombing? paging for budak hingusan, do you read me? hmmmmm ... 'terrorist attacks' don't normally happen twice at the same place in a short period of time right? statistically speaking? lets go ahead with bangkok yo! but we must have the address of malaysian or british embassy, just in case. :op

i've been thinking. in a way, we are all kafirs. really. in the sense that by having a specific religious identity, we are immediately members of one faith community + therefore an outsider to the other. right?

farish quoted in his book:

"known that this human creation, in all its spiritual, physical + psychic perfection was created by god ... indeed solicitude in caring for god's servants is better than killing them from an excessive zeal for god ... god says, the recompense of one evil (act) is an evil like it (42:40), referring to retaliation (against the other) as an evil action. BUT whoever forgives + does good (to the other) his reward is with god (42:40) ... this is because god is manifest in the name of the other, only through his existence, that whoever preserves him preserves god".

+ sheikh muhyi al-din ibn al-arabi, fusus al-hikam +

i guess what's said here is that love + respect for the other, be it a fellow muslim or people from another faith, is a step towards devotion to god himself + any unjustified abuse, persecution or discrimination of others is tantamount to an attack to god as well.

the bond of humanity come before all else.

going back to the earlier concept of kafirs, the relationship between muslims + others needs to transcend the simplistic oppositional dialectic that has characterised muslim-other relations, which has been so evidently destructive to all parties concerned. lagi pun, we cannot change others but we can definitely change ourselves. hopefully, when we change our attitude, the reaction towards us would be different. then again, things are not as simple as that + social re-engineering would take generations.

being the worrywart that i am, i am worried.

especially after saddam's execution. what good came out of it? did it change the past, what had happened? words on the street, he was executed in haste because he was turning 70, it'd be illegal to hang him when he turns 70. i just hope the muslim arabs would be wise enough to not bite the bait. dah laa the other are suspicious of us, we are bickering amongst us. haish, riuh!

since the execution, the environment exudes a mourning air, the sun has been hiding behind the hymen of clouds, reluctant to shine its bright rays.

perhaps it's just my pms talking. hehe!

i leave you with mourning air by portishead


cikPijah said...

oiyy! ask me again in 3 months time ok. this is the time when you hear more often than not ur female friends suffer from cyst lah, fibroid lah and i read somewhere, u're chances to get cancer (female related) increase by 50% for unmarried female (read tak pernah preggie or breastfeed) of 30+. so i should be grateful for what i have so far. alhamdulillah. said...

tua ke,mude ke,i still loike..:)

jom williams?cikpijah jom!

Maryam Samirah said...


breast + ovarian cancer, true. kene well used baru chances of cancer low. :op

cyst + fibroid i haven't heard from any of my friends, yet. so kira i'm still muda remaja la ek?

boss william's tu dah tackle my mom baik punya so that "your daughters can come here often". :op

jom william's ... before duit i habis gi tengok butterfingers, samsons, akon, muse, boys II men ... cemana nak beli baju ni? cemana nak perm rambut? cemana nak makan prosperity burger ni?

ween said...

I'm 29 to be tooo, but end of the year lah.. No worries, it's only numbers.. we can even be 17 if we like..

Maryam Samirah said...


thanks for dropping by

we are very the sebaya but (i went over to your blog) you've got two kids + i'm still prancing around like a kid myself, but wearing a bigger number. heh!

mental muz said...

bangkok was awsome, and for once i think u r right, chatuchak was the bomb yo! hahaha =P anyway im fine and back in town, i'll see u guys when gua balik kl ok? and weggy, truth hurt but yes, u r old. happy new year!

Maryam Samirah said...


eh small boy ... what do you mean for once you think i'm right? so, selama ni i berbuih membebel masuk telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri lah ek?

mental note: don't waste time talking to the boy

en.emi said...

huh?MUSE akan main di malaysia ka?

Maryam Samirah said...

jangan jeles!
february 15 ... miahahahahahaha!!!!

(evil tak?)

Imran said...

I love MUSE

cikPijah said...

mareyy!! mareyy!! better tolong weggie abeskan duit dia cecepat!

Maryam Samirah said...


jom! lets do muse ... dah balik kl ke belum then?


jom ... lets the habiskan duit + garu kepala later, wondering how duit leh abish

en.emi said...

ohh...sorry...emi tak upload kat my fotopage eh...hahah...emi dah tngok MUSE kat sheffield last 18th November yeah!standing ticket...kat depan2 stage la tak jeles pon...muhahaha...