Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ada apa dengan tag?

suparrrdzu tagged mon tres mode 5 quid sac pochette, wanting to know it’s content. lucky i don’t have one of those digital cameras. otherwise, people would faint at the sight of its content.

1. wegra’s passport malaysia (i left my nric + driving licence in taiping. don’t you go telling my parents!!!)

2. my green coin purse (lately being filled by “united states of america quarter dollar” and “singapore twenty cents” and “singapore one dollar” and “singapore ten cents”. how did they crawl into my coin purse??? my guess those tollgates teller conned me. that’s the only time i don’t check what falls into my hand. *ok tak tuduh orang?*)

3. my cream with green trimmings purse (my youngest brother’s birthday gift to me. isn’t he sweet? hint! hint! baby anisism. he’s single and he earns more than me. demmit!)

4. my business card holder (fast filling with other peeps cards, and running out of mine)

5. wriggly’s extra xylotil strawberry favoured sugarfree gum 40 pieces bottle (for those nerve wrecking moments whilst waiting for a meeting or a presentation)

6. dior me 50 ml eau de toilette

7. co-amoxiclav tablets

8. the world is flat by thomas l. friedman (berangan nak baca, tapi belum start; useful weight to help tone those muscles)

9. a serious bunga rampai of receipts (any! toll receipts, shopping receipts, makan receipts, maxis receipt, i have them all!)

tagging everyone who felt like sharing the content of their bag


cikPijah said...

ceh! ngelat! tader gambar! rembat ler camera zuhri! dia ada byk camera tu!!

Erra said...


sudahkah anda melaksanakan itu tugasan?


zip up


cikPijah said...

whhaaaattkkk!!! what u think u then only wan ken crossblog ah? balik da weyh.. adik u yg jual burger kat mamak bistro tu tgh tunggu ngan burger spesel u tooo!

Erra said...


eh??? where are you at ha?

in the office

you balik, i balik

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

mau gambar. lengkap tidak ini tag.

bertique said...

apa ni tak de gambo, u asked me to imagine it again is it? what? not enough imagination of the centre-fold dewi remaja with stapler on her lutut ka?? hehehe

gambo, we want!

oh btw, why you keep all the receipt la? very der. give it to cik pms, dia tau ler nak buat apa.


ifzan said...

hey where can... no pictures tak achi lah minachi. co-amoxiclav tu pill apa? perancang? peransang?

superdzu said...

oitt...takde gambar.
so kena imagine everything in my head.

** imagining imagining...hmmmm**

kenot lah...everytime the images of your isi bag nak keluar je...i nampak cikpms bogel.

maybe later then,
tapi this tag tak lengkap!
go take pictures.

Erra said...

cik puan muda stress

wegra miskin digital cemera OK. like my mobile, my cameras are from zaman tok kadok toyboy.


close your eyes... imagine...


komplen! komplen! you come and take picture laa, i no gigital camera.

co-amoxiclav a strong antibiotics which can make you fly, i like! :op


why she naked in my handbag, need to wash laa like that!

cikPijah said...

waa! lu manyak eksen eh got free tickets! tak puas hati weyh!!

Erra said...


hehehe ... don't you jeles with me

if you guys want i can subsidise the RM 2 for each and everyone of you

so now the tabung got RM 6.40 ish...

anisism said...

that's really cute.
that's really sweet.

nice try of matchmaking, honey.

but a'ah. not gonna happen. =)

superdzu said...

when you meet my exbfren abang mike ataupun shinoda sayang,
do tell him that i miss him ok.
memanglah masa kitorang broke up was messy. he was crying and pulling my skirt to not leave him and all..but its all good now.

kirim salam jelah.

cikPijah said...

still a loooooongggg way to go man

zuhri said...

berapa kali aku nak cakap, aku tak ada handbag...ishhh

Erra said...

baby anisism

i don't try, i don't know


i just text my new mikey bebeh that you kirim salam, he said "suparrr who?". you sure you got the right mikey.

oh mikey bebeh, i lobe you!!!!


work harder on the sponsorship marketing. i see no marketing exercise pun. chet!!!

i market everywhere, i reach my target.

*wegra hidung kembang, eksen*

enche zuhri

hrrmmmmmm ... you pulling our (long) legs ah? don't be shy...

anisism said...

ok fair enough. but now u've tried, and now u know. haha.

but heh, kemsalam lah. =p (mode gatal)

Erra said...

baby anisism

wahhhh ... this baby itchy oso ha?

ntah2 you know him, he's your age. hrmmmm ... he was in mrsm jasin, any way connected?

ifzan said...

i like to get high. gimme some. NOW!

superdzu said... texted him?
oh tu bukan dia lah...kalau strange numbers..dia selalu suruh PA dia jawap kan.


Erra said...


chet!!! get your own supply, i need to get well!!!


i'm laa the new PA, how you know i always answer his mobile????

anisism said...

mrsm'ah. no one i can think of.

heh, gatal lak aku nih. ish.

basket case said...

fuyooo....banyaknye barang. you sure tu bukan luggage bag????