Monday, February 20, 2006

janji joni

Yesterday afternoon I went hunting for DVDs/VCDs with Izan. Nope, we didn't go for bajakan ya, but rather 'ori' CDs. Well I practise this double standard; I do bajakan Hollywood films and original local movies.

Anyways, I got Afdlin's Baik Punya Cilok (for my parents) and Indonesian Joko Anwar's Janji Joni.

Umaakkkk aiiiii!!! I'm in love! I fell in love instantaneously with the flick!!! I've heard whispers saying that Janji Joni is a good fast paced, fun film but I didn't expect myself to be this smitten.

It is a feel good film, a romantic comedy you'd want to see over and over and over again. Janji Joni is smart and at the same time a little bit cockoo. 'Tis blessed with an unforgettable cast. The story revolves around the bioskop. The movie somehow reminded me of Cinema Paradiso but with a dab of Amelie and a little Alfie.

I so love the camera works, well its artsy fartsy in moderation.

Oh and I reckon Janji Joni offers the best collection of grooves to ever accompany an Indonesian film. Think electronica, psychedelic rock and retro pop. The soundtracks injected adrenaline into the whole experience.

"Cerita ni lebih bagus dari cerita Afdlin tadi" a quote from Bapak guwe.

Definitely a must see!!!


cikPijah said...

romantic film? yucks! so bila nak lend it to me? :)

Erra said...


yang hang gi focus @ romantic apa kes? i said romantic comedy... comedy laaa!!! d'oh!!! ske romantic movies tapi tak mengaku yerk???

bertique said...

ni crita lama nih, dah berkulat dah. awat baru ngk??

ish ish ish ketinggalan zaman ler kome nih.


Erra said...

oits! bertique

oooooOOOOooOOOOoooo ... dah tengok yerk! ROMANTIC comedy ... ;o)

zuhri said...


Erra said...

enche zuhri

kalu nak pinjam kene pulangkan

cikPijah said...

skang ni tgh mood nyampah ngan romantic films etc etc.. try ler tengok citer mr. socrates.. a korean film on korean gangster go to school. ni baru best n lawaks gillers!

Erra said...

mummy-o + cikpi

yesh! ofkos ... after cikpi tengok, campak belakang rumah to mummy-o. OK?

mummy-o said...

err.. lepas cikpijah pinjam, can she pass it to me after that wegra?? hehe

basket case said...

best ke crita tu???cam banyak bercerita je. actionnya mana???

awat lah hang nyampah ngan romantic films ni cikpijah???

Erra said...


best ler! kene tengok baru tau...

bertique said...

u kena ngk crita janji jenab, prequel utk crita janji joni nih.

lagi best dan menyentap.

btw, since you are good to me - i've link u. and give u, err proper name :P hahaha

Erra said...


whaattt??? a proper name???

*wegra berlari-lari anak ke blog bertique*

zuhri said...

eh, kita pulangkan la nanti....cuma tak tau bila...hahahaha

cikPijah said...

cik stolencar,
bosan la.. balik2 citer cintan melantun! next!

*tumpang lalu cik wegra yek*

cikPijah said...

nanti kita passing ler cds tu.. la ni bayang cd fr wegra pun tak nampak lagik.. ken try see if i can squeeze between the new tembok and pagar hijau tu ler. massive renovation! poning den..

*again.. tumpang lalu wegra cun!*

mummy-o said...

a'a la.. haf to chk first can muat or not. Maybe i would need a long jaring to 'tangkap' the cds from you..hehe (kena jage cikyam's cds mah!!) ;)

Erra said...

halamaks! scary mary!!!!

cikpi + mummy-o

i think masa you guys passing the cd, i come and supervise lah. takoot injured the cd. herks!

*wegra kunyah kuku nervous*