Friday, February 10, 2006

seven signs you’re “O”

Sign No 1

a seven year old confidently calls you AUNTI

Sign No 2

a new acquaintance thinks your mom is your sister, who’s 10 years older than you

Sign No 3

pak cik jual Ramlee burger (regardless of age, a reference to all male burger stall minders) stops addressing you as “adik” and calls you “akak” instead even when you’ve been a frequent visitor to his stall, since childhood lagi pulak tu!!!!!

Sign No 4

you’ve forgotten the name of a British DJ, who not only came to Malaysia to perform but made you boogie at his gig; a “younger” person had to remind you that he’s called Fatboy Slim

Sign No. 5

you misplaced your mobile phone; you had to ring your mobile phone to find it

Sign No. 6

you forgot your Friendster password and remembers it 8 hours later

Sign No. 7

you’re sent a vision by the higher power, while listening to Fort Minor, after a breakfast meeting, of you with glasses and a walking stick being squashed by a group of teenagers and twenty-something at Fort Minor’s gig even though you yourself is a twenty-something


cpj said...

aiyak! diff look oledi.. u dah tua eh aunty.. i ok lagi.. don't haf any of the signs lagi.

Erra said...

my blog facing spootid html problem, i tot changing the template would solve the problem. i spootid html, how to solve html problem???

Erra said...


you terrer web design rite???

how to angkat my sidebar naik balik???

i tot one of my images in the postings, causing the problem. when check, no hepppp. i remove my side bar content, no hepppp.

how eh????

popcornelvis said...

hahaha...very funny post this is.
eh the 'younger' person..tu saya ka?


wegra...i okay-okay je.
u should ask ifzan the jinjang joe.
he's the wizard in web design.
i pun selalu ask for his help.
tapi kalau u nak help in stalking orang or buat surat ugut ke...
jumpalah saya.

elly said...

big 'O' eh wegra.

its all in the mind la dear..hehe

Erra said...


that's exactly what my last sign meant


elly said...

while i'm at it..why dont you add to the list

Sign No 8

When somebody else (other than own kid and hubby) calls you mummy also

Sign no 9

When you try to dance, you discover/realise other new foreign body parts are boogie-ing with you too!! yikes!

Sign no 10

Yikes! How to dance haa?? (*mummy-o cant find her groove no more*)

Alamaks.. like this i have to launch - "How mummy got (or rather tried getting) her groove back!!)

Please more reminder lagi after this.. harhar

lady_bugs said...

ayoo... i got some of e signs osso... but ppl always mistaken my younger sis is older thn me.. wuhooo... hehehe...

zuhri said...

maryam, new template, meh? problem with the html? try banging ur head onto the pc 10 times...maybe that'll work...hahaha

lady bugs perasan! hahahaha

lady_bugs said...

mana ada perasan... REALITI ahh..

Anonymous said...

i admit all 6 (except the last one)of that happened to me.

ohh...alangkah tuanya aku!!!

anis daud said...

pheww, i'm nowhere near that!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i hear u anis. kita 2 je yang muda belia lagi sebenarnya..

eh, jom naan besok (ahad)

leh bincang perkembangan derma kilat Fort Minor kita.. i tadak shooting besok..

Erra said...


ok ... no more reminder that you are "O"


last weekend, i tengah sandar kat my brother who's 4 years younger and makcik2 tak dikenali gossip he's my parents' menantu.

yes! you are younger than i

enche zuhri

dah retak monitor dah, side bar masih kat bawah

doc nurul

it's all in the head

baby anisism + cik puan muda stress

yesh! you peeps are babies still...

cpj said...

oits! stress wooo! jom naaaannnn!!! (n to think that it's only monday moring! sheesh!!)

Erra said...


ofkos can... within a walking distance from mine... you can buy the burger from my pak cik burger as well... if you are lucky, he'll call you "adik"...

Erra said...


wegra pun stress tahap dewa nih

the date is nearing like nobody's business, the corresponding agency is still chilling.

hrrmmmmmm ...

cpj said...

jom weyh! si cikPMS tu bz keje lagik ke ek?

Erra said...


Cik PMS tengah kene denda dengan Brucie kot sebab she let me call him "Brucie ayang".

i pancing him to belanja us 4 gi Fort Minor, he went, "why the F should i pay for 4 girls?", i replied, "bikos you'll have the chance to hang out with 4 gorgeous ladies; the next american top models", then Cik PMS berguling gelak.

I pelik bikos don't see anything farny lah...