Monday, February 27, 2006


I find it amazing how two souls trussed matrimonially could describe their shared experience differently; they both stand at two extreme ends when relating the event on different occasions, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Yes. How we see or interpret something is fashioned by us; a mesh of our past experiences, our belief system, and our values. When two people tell different versions or details of a shared experience it doesn’t always signify one of them is telling a lie, it could mean that they are not ‘in sync’, perhaps or rather, they exist in parallel world. Hence, they see differently.

Do I have a point from all this? I don’t know, merely mulling over...

adik ku


i msn-ed with my brother, he's coming home this easter. wohooo!!! now, i can just get back to clicking, he'll do the films, etc. :op

anyways, he's playing at a gig in sheffield (details @ nak promote suh my passive readers go pun, tickets are sold out. so that's that. wohooo!!! *wegra happy sebab lepas ni ada supir, amah, personal assistant, personal shopper KEHORMAT back up for mama + bapak*


PiNaT said...

satu soalan..

building mana ko amik gambar tu?

superdzu said...

i am pening after reading this post of yours.

but i like the word contemplating.

and i like your picture too.
very gotham city.

basket case said...

amenda yang you tulis tuh???? sorry i cam pening sat bila baca post you tu.

i like your picture also.

Erra said...


building kat jalan bukit bintang waktu macet last week

suparrrdzu + pencuriketa

picture; thank you *wegra ske* but if i could gostan my car a bit, it would have been perfect but then since i didn't have my driving licence i tak berani carik pasal on the road

and with the post; my science of society theories unfold, tak pe tak penting

anisism said...

*yuHOooo* adik wegra....hello...*waving waving*


Erra said...

laling baby anisism

tapi itu adik wegra yang lum kahwin but ada girlpren ... adik wegra yang lum kahwin and tak de gilpren may be leaving for dubai soon ... cepat waving waving at him!!!!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i kenot wave anymore la.. penat scrub lantai tak ilang lagi. kemsalam kat yang ada gf tu ek. kata kat dia, takpe i pun ada bf. i nak carik skandal je.

*tumpang lalu kak erra...cehcece..

basket case said...

driving without a license is a serious offence.

apa yang tak perfectnya, dah cantik lah gambar tuh.

Erra said...


i think i don't have jodoh laa with my driving licence, i just picked it up from my aunt... this morning a penyamun kidnap oredi the driving licence + my nric

baru nak show off kat suparrrdzu my nric picture cute :op

zuhri said...

ur house or u car got burgled?