Tuesday, February 07, 2006

please don't mess with me

I received this peculiar phone call from a passive reader, whom I’ve never met. Just because I view the world different, just because I’ve been abroad, just because I mix with all sorts of people, just because I don’t have a ‘tudung’ over my head, just because I dress the way I do, it is wrong to assume that I’m as easygoing as you thought I was.

I hope you are reading this because you’ve just messed with the wrong person. I think you are a coward for using a pre paid account to call me. I think you lack finesse for carrying a conversation the way you did. I feel sorry for you for being 40 and behaving as such.

I hope it was out of ignorance that you failed to realise what you just did was called sexual harassment.

If you dare call me again, I’ll shame you.


zuhri said...

yaayy....me first!

alo man! u come here, i also want to lepuk u

lady_bugs said...

meh kita lepuk beramai2... im good at that... experience pun byk... can aaaa erra...

anisism said...

mari kita bom dia! terrorism! terrorism!

superdzu said...

who is this bladi gol?

cikPijah said...

aiyak! who is tht silent dodol who kacau u? how the hell did he/she get ur number?

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

sorry, i couldnt attend to your emergency right now..

what happened?

yikes la orang cam ni..

i only give out superdzu's number to strangers. i wrote em' on public toilet walls.

Erra said...

i don't know lah who's the blardy uncle.

i tot i smart, go Russian KGB on his number, ropa2nya he's smarter, use pre paid account. pok! pok! pok! pok! pok!

he claimed that he's from shah alam, 40 years old, married and goes by the name of z***. i could have waited longer for more info but what sort of a pak cik talks to a younger person like that on his first phone call?!

think he's been stalking our group's blogs lah.

cik puan muda stress

better go erase suparrrdzu's number from the public toilet. nanti pak cik tu stalk all public toilet for the number.

superdzu said...

kurang asam....
why public toilet je?
tak cukup coverage la...go distribute my number kat tempat2 lain jugak...bus stop ke..and mcdonalds.
the more the better...i like.

Erra said...


you can use my blog to advertise your number, i'm sure the pak cik would love to have your number as well ...

cik puan muda stress

suparrdzu has given her green light, apa lagi! do your job!!!