Monday, February 13, 2006

di-tag lagi

this time by an enche zuhri, a link to his blog is somewhere in what was formerly known as my sidebar...

4 Jobs I Had In My Life
1. Breakfast Waitress at the Lowry Hotel (where I served lady_bugs + suparrrdzu nyer abang robbie)
2. The Academy Crew (so that I get to see gigs for free)
3. The Times Student Researcher (blame Universiti Malaya’s rating on fellow researchers like moi)
4. Student Union Bar Tender (they pay 7 ½ quid per hour)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1. Love Actually
2. Amelie
3. Cinema Paradiso
4. Bride & Prejudice (takkan nak tengok the heavy movies over and over, leh senget daa!)

Four TV Shows I love To Watch
1. CSI (all of them)
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Tru Calling
4. Scrubs

Four Places I've Lived (In no particular order as well)
1. Subang Jaya
2. Seremban
3. Croydon
4. Manchester City Centre

Four Places I've Been On Vacation To
1. Cyprus
2. Amsterdam
3. Tokyo
4. Jakarta

Four Places I'd Rather Be In
1. Cyprus (I left my SLR, passport + dosh on the beach and went snorkeling in the sea, to find them still in tact 3 hours later, pak cik + mak cik invited me to their house to makan free all the time)
2. Madinah (where I found pure serenity)
3. Urban Outfitters outlets (menganga activity at its best)
4. Chiang Mai night market (naïve painting heaven, at affordable price)

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. rendang dendeng
2. lasagna
3. moussaka
4. chicken tandoori

Four Websites I Visit Daily

Four Victims To Do this Tag
1. widot
2. mummy-O
3. pinat
4. baby anisism (disumpah over and over)


zuhri said... first!

what la happen to ur sidebar? ni sure nak modify, terdelete something. it happened to me before, so what i opened up another blog, exactly the same template and i look at the settings of the template and compared with the current one. then i'll know what's missing and just tampal balik la the missing codes. err...ini cara orang yang buta html cam i ler

Erra said...

enche zuhri

time consuming loh to do that, i let it be for now ... bila ada cuti panjang, i repair.

cikPijah said...

hahah.. aku ingat aku sorang je buta html.. ade geng ghupenye..

lady_bugs said...

hehe my abe RW.. hehehe....
erra.. bila mau ketemuin kamu amat bz?

Erra said...


yesh! i very the buta...


agak under massive stress, tapi boleh je adjust2 timetable.

lunch jom, but these 2 days cannot, my cute green arse (read: car) kat citroen service centre lah, tengah tukar screen + cd changer (nasib baik under warranty still)

superdzu said...

urban outfitters pun ada dalam my list..but its under
' four places i've been on vacation to '.

eh seriously u pernah serve abang robbie??
did you kutil his bulu?(soalan ini buka berunsur blue ok)

Erra said...



good choice of vacation destination that. if they need a 24 hours minah guard, i don't mind volunteering!!!

serious lah, no joke...

your abang robbie stayed at the hotel's penthouse suite during his double gig in manchester. sebab i selalu percaya my mates kelentong me about abang robbie, the crew let me have the honour of serving him one morning.

i cringed at the sight of his bulu OK, kalu kene kutil i'll throw up on him kot.

anisism said...


la la la...

superdzu said...

cool lah wegra.
actually i pun ada experience in star sightings.
kat LA...amik gambar with fred durst kat nike store.
and ngan abang arnold shwrzapekebendentah.
and kat london, we met aaron carter kat high st kent.
and i nampak justin timberlake kat oxford street...crossing the road.
cool tak???

Erra said...


patut masa nampak justin timberlake you jump on him and cut off his curls and sell them to me!!!!

widie said...

arghhhhhhhhhh i am taggedddddddddddd

zuhri said...

just now i called your telepon tangan, but only rang once, lepas tu ditutupkan.

Erra said...

enche zuhri

my mobile is in my car, the car is in PJ for service, picking the phone up in a bit

sorry for the inconvenience

note: len kali divert phonecalls to office bila tak berjawab.

anisism said...


lady_bugs said...

next week can aaa.. we do lunch together2.. u pick e place within my reach..
n again.. ohh my abe RW..hehe

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

who the hell is aaron carter?

PiNaT said...

ceh, tag tag tag tag tag.. kalau jawab then dapat free smart tag satu takpelah gak.. aduh aduh aduh.. ni sume angkara zuhri, dia yang dok sebarkan virus..

zuhri said...

pinat, aku pun ditag orang la...ishhh...ala, buat sket sebelum engko ke tanah arab tu...hihihi

superdzu said...

cikpms...aaron carter tu dulu penari dangdut yg paling famous kat daerah los angeles...tak kenal???
and you're calling me warga emas???

zuhri said...

yes, penari dangdut and superdzu was the mama-san there...hahahaha

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

superdzu nak register OKU sebab dia dengar tak payah bayar roadtax, tapi kena reject sebab depa tak terima Orang Kurang Upaya Otak.

tu kat dept OKUO.