Tuesday, February 28, 2006

jinxed, maka sedey


my henbeg was ringan, i almost flew when picking it up. when i korek2, i realised my malaysian ringgit + thai baht + indonesian rupiah were not there. i stopped the cute green arse by the roadside. i korek s'more and found only my old receipts + suparrrdzu's clan business card + my assorted cards + my passport + fort minor's tickets intact, the rest gone. i know laa my passport picture not cute but please laa not too obvious, i hurted you know. and you know what's peculiar, cik pms's business card was missing as well. come on!!! what are you trying to prove wahai penyamun tarbus??? later, when i asked the police officer to certify my report, he said i have to pay. i replied saya tak ada satu sen pun sekarang + saya memandu tanpa lesen ni, tolong enche. he went you shouldn't be driving and come later when you have the money. brilliant!

(don't worry, the nikon flash + lc-a camera are safe)


my fort minor partner is stuck with work, expected actually, and so the gig no go


a hotel screwed up my booking and so i'm boleh tahan screwed laa unless they get to rectify, maka goodbye fort minor - me not best mood

oh ya! harga minyak naik hasn't sunk in, esok i pikir... and whatever happened to "inflasi sifar sasaran kita"


Desparil said...

so sorry to hear bout this..

who's the kid?

Erra said...


my cousin's kid, adeeb, he cried when i bersungguh sungguh taught him to call me "KAKAK"

superdzu said...

bad luck sungguh.
tu lah you...next time letak gambar passport i dalam your handbag...sure semua takut nak samun.

fort minor ticket?
you bagi sapa?

superdzu said...

eh lupa nak cakap..
ena kirim salam kat your mom.

Erra said...


ye ke??? i afraid afterwords they ligan my henbeg for your picture, lagi finin ...

i text y'all ... cik pms je reply to decline so i offered them tickets to my cousin, and he pounced at them!

will kirim the salam

basket case said...

lah patut lah tak jumpa ticketnya, duit rupiah mana leh guna kat negara ni wei. and what's wif the 1 ringgit je. amenda yang boleh beli ngan duit tuh???? sia2 je rompak beg minah nih. muahahahahahah!!!!

sorry tu hear about what happened mate.

Em said...


Im sorry and hope you will feel better.Take care.

anisism said...

hello adik wegra yang takde gf..hello...*waving waving*...

eh salah column eh?

mummy-o said...

so sorry to hear about wat happened..

tapi the kid in the photo is soo cute la..even wif his sedey face..

PiNaT said...

la? ko pun kena? aku pun kena gak.. :(

zuhri said...

adeeb must be confused aunti with kakak

bertique said...

haa dzu dah hint2 dah kat ur re fort minor tuh :P

sorry to hear abt this ok?

take care

Erra said...


thanks, things are falling back to where they should be

baby anisism

where where oso can lah


i'm drawn to the eyes, you feel his sedih-ness through his eyes


tu laa pasal, baby anisism pun ilang rete

enche zuhri

donch jeles


but i text them all oredi, cik pms je jawab donch wan