Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've been tagged, again...

Spootid Cik Puan Muda Stress tagged me, if I ignore the tag she wished for my death. Yikes! I don’t wanna die... not just yet!!!

1. Three names you go by
a) Wegra
b) Aaacho
c) Ya

2. Three screen names you've had
a) Poetic Wreck
b) Aaacho
c) MSS

3. Three things you like bout yourself
a) I read fast
b) I can still swim all 4 strokes
c) Tiny tots love me

4. Three things you don’t like bout yourself
a) easily duped
b) hopeless romantic
c) cepat kesian orang

5. Three parts of your heritage
a) jendul forehead
b) loves to play hero
c) cepat kesian orang

6. Three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
a) Cockroaches
b) Creepy old men
c) Creepy men

7. Three of your everyday essential
a) Malay dictionary
b) Mobile phone
c) Internet connected workstation

8. Three things you're wearing right now
a) glasses
b) striped shirt
c) 3 inch heels

9. Three of your favorite bands (or artist at the moment)
a) John Legend
b) Richard Ashcroft
c) The Fugees

10. Three of your favorite songs
a) Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt
b) Ordinary People – John Legend
c) Take It Easy – The Fugees

11. Three new things you'd like to try in the next 12 months
a) escargots or siput sedut, either one (eurgh!!!!)
b) learn Spanish so that I can one day travel to Cuba
c) Kickboxing or Salsa, either one

12. Three things you want in a relationship (love included in the package)
a) companionship
b) loyalty
c) freedom to grow

13. Two truths and a lie
a) I served Robbie Williams breakfast while he was still in his blue boxers short
b) I’ve gone cliff jumping into the sea
c) I’m THE American Next Supermodel (seriously!!!)

14. Three people who have to take this quiz now or die painfully.
a) CikPijah
b) Mummy-O
c) Baby Anisism


cpj said...

dahling ah! i did that tag oledi maa.. that was my CNY holiday homework. the 2 truth and a lie tu seems like all 3 lies je.. u dontch play2 ah.. i tarik ur rambut then u know.
**pening kepala too much beskut kering**

Erra said...


chet! you done the tag owedi izit?? you have to nominate someone to do it laa then or you'll die...

2 truth + 1 lie laa wehhh ... where got play2 ... 2 non kesah dongeng and 1 berangan OK!

*wegra offer coffee murah to basahkan the beskut*

popcornelvis said...

eh cikpijah...kesian hang dok makan beskut kering je.
baru ingat nak belanja chillis.
your loss man..

erra...i pun pernah serve abang robbie bfast gak...tapi dia tak pakai boxers.hehehe
sexy gila.
dontch jealous k.

Erra said...


even with the boxers on, seram OK. his tatoo and his bulu ... rasa nak bagi him pinjam my leg cream.

you sure arr abang robbie sexy????

popcornelvis said...

bukan abang robbie yang sexy....i lah yang sexy.
tsk tsk tsk wegra...tu pun hang tak tau.

tapi si robbie tu memang berbulu kan?

Erra said...


meremang OK! meremang if you see his hairiness...

but you, ofkoz sexy!!! (where's my chillis belanja?!?!)

anis daud said...


cpj said...

in that case i wan to point finger to inche' zuhri to do it! hehehe

weyh! beskut kering cicah nescafe panas or teh o best wooo.. hingga menjilat jari ok!

dahling superDzu yang tinggi lagi cantek rupawan,
chillis i dont wan.. TGIF i want.. planet Hollywood i want.. HARD ROCK CAFE I WAAAAAAAANNNTTTT!!!!!!
*shh.. rahsia.. cikPijah has neber set foot in HRC ok! damn pathetic man!*

zuhri said...

oit, i've been tagged by pinky and baru ajer apdet. so, u have to find other mangsa...hahaha. wega, check out the fave songs...hahaha, sumpah i tak tengok ur blog pun before i did the meme...hihihi

popcornelvis said... kesian cikpijah!!
eh i pun ada secret..
*i pernah masuk hard rock..sekali je*

lady_bugs said...

robbie williams!!! OMG!!!!!! only in his blue boxer!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

[lady_bugs tu diambang orgasm ke hapa?]

bulu good what.. au naturel gitu..

kalau korang tak suka bulu, jangan kawan ngan zuhri. i heard dia banyak bulu. i heard la..

cpj said...

oit cikPMS! tido ah! almost 2 am oledi ok!

*wegra.. tumpang lalu**..

eh.. saper nak jadi mangsa u ni? lemme think forever yea.

Erra said...

baby anisism

tak sporting ah YOU! if you buat, i double your share from the bet with enche zuhri. no joke!


lets go HRC beli ticket "Ford Minor" 28/02 Tuesday eve ... jom pegi! jom pegi! RM 112 ... dah lama tak gi tengok live gig ... Peterpan was ages ago!!!!

enche zuhri

i know you like to copycat me! wake up your OWN idea laa...


not that exiciting laa, beb. the cups were shaking akibat seram sejuk.

the secret, when you're doing PhD nanti, work part-time at a boutique hotel as a breakfast waitress.


this tag macam will die here je. demmit!

Erra said...

cik puan muda stress

*wegra saja skip your comment sebab tammau have the picture of bulu in my head*

elly said...

alamak..kena tag? kena ek?? hehe..

wegra siap remind me on msn lagi tuh..

alrite..alrite..wait n see yahh..

kalu tak reti nak anwser nanti, i'll give u a shout! hehe