Friday, February 24, 2006

empat budak hitam tinggal satu

anyways, have a good weekend ya. i'll be missing until after fort minor!!!!

don't go jeles-ing you peeps!!!

love ya!


anisism said...

nih sumer sape nih? ada kesinambungan dari previous entry ka?

Erra said...

baby anisism

no kesinambungan whatsoever

they are my siblings; two far, far away, one decided he wants to go far, far away oso ...

you come home this may, you be my sista laa so i can bully you!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

oi! so hang pi fort minor soghang2 kaa?

bosan la hang.

anisism said... you which one lah? i got 2 elda sistas oso i kenot handle oledy lah.

superdzu said...

oi gi fort minor ???

why never bring me?
abg mike sure tunggu i punya.

eh your siblings pun muka lain2...maybe 2 muka sama.

have a good weekend!
bila nak satay?

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

best jakarta?

ada ikang paus?

i heard tempias kena yew.

huwa huwa huwa.

Em said...

Nic pic and how was the concert Ms Erra...

Erra said...

cik pms

i donch go sorang2 OK

baby anisism

i'm with 4 eyes


please donch go jeles-ing

cik pms

if you go to jakarta just to chill and run away from the maddening crowd, stay in alila jakarta. it's like KLPac in Sentul (i.e. an oasis in the middle of jakarta's insanity), there's internet connection in your room (to satisfy our addiction), the olympic size swimming pool is available til 10 pm (dalam gelap orang tak nampak and tak de orang pun) and the interior design; meow!

paus??? sewel ke???

sekian, terima kasih

Erra said...


the gig is on the 28th Feb ... betul kan???? if i missed it, i mati menonggeng!!!!

Em said...


Ohh 28 Feb so belum pergi lagi...Tell us how it was after k

Wat a coicidence!Im tinkin of goin to Jakarta...

Is the rate for Alila exp?

zuhri said...

u go spa in jakarta...the bestest

superdzu said...

ada group trip ke jakarta ke?
sapa yg nak gi?
i nak ikut!

(hahaha....bestlah.. syok sendiri)