Monday, March 13, 2006


meet akasyah faidul iman, he's 1 1/2 and he's on my friendster list. donch pray pray ha!

when he's a good boy, bunda would call him akasyah. when he notty gell, bunda would go faidul iman, enough to make him stop. i oso afraid when i hear faidul iman, 'cos it'll always mean bunda is upset, although akceli bunda is very soft spoken one.

i haven't seen akasyah for a long long time. but yesterday bunda + me wanted to visit auntie azwini in bangsar, me made a pit stop at theirs. akasyah was excited to see me and gave that how-are-you-doin'? glance.

akasyah showed me his favourite "Zoo Animal" DVD. when the owl goes on screen, he shouted "AYAH!!!". *wegra pelik* and so we had another dosage of "Zoo Animal" since i had to make sure what i heard. when the owl goes on screen, again he went "AYAH!!!".


anyways, when we were at azwini's akasyah went notty a few notches up. he was sitting on my lap when bunda softly went faidul iman.

*wegra tersirap chicken*

i think akasyah was malu bekos bunda scolded him in front of strangers and so he went for me hair. me oso malu bekos akasyah went for me hair, me went pulling his little hair complete with me drama queen geram expression. right then, ayah akasyah had to turn to look. ooops!

moral of the story: next time cubit discreetly with a smile on your face

p.s. i've updated my blog. to the rest, update please!


zuhri said...

eh, kalo ur bonda marah u, dia panggil u nama apa?

Erra said...

enche zuhri

mama tak marah
= ya

mama marah
= samirah *dengan suara bingit + muka geram + tangan pose nak cubit*

Allya said...

if i'm not mistaken "ayah" for zoo animal... actually means "iya iya yo" from old mcdonald had a farm... I think... or it is plainly ayah... hihihi..

NaHLaH said...

wegra... akasyah is manda's l'il boy isit? hehe... me primary school friend whom i havent's met since like std 6!! :O