Monday, March 20, 2006

wegra's take at cerekarama-ing

once upon a time there was this chicka, she’s got a bunch of close friends she love so much. they’d spend most of their weekends together either clubbing, going nuts over board games or jigsaw puzzle, lazing around watching movies or listening to music or making music, lepaking at a kopi mahals bird watching or hunting for good food.

this chicka is very the kepochi also, her part-time job reads cupid.

one day, her mom’s friend’s daughter came home for good + applied to work with them. she went all excited because she knew this girl from when they were toddlers. she helped the girl settle down, let the girl borrow some of her bhajus mahal from when she was a size 6. after 2 weeks, the girl complained to the chicka that she didn’t have friends in kl because she’s been abroad for ages. the chicka said ok, you can meet my friends. so the chicka introduced this girl to her close friends. the girl was impressed with the chicka’s friends.

the girl was interested with chicka’s guy friend i because the guy drives a good car. chicka said no, he’s in a relationship. ...and went on and on and on discouraging.

after a few weeks of hanging out, chicka the miss cupid + another friend noticed the girl and guy friend ii flirting. (guy friend ii has been single ever since his first love dumped him for being a muslim) they both were excited and initiated match making project piiiraaahhhh. to cut the story short, project piiiraaahhhh was a success.

short of a week after the success, the chicka walked into the girl making out with a guy chicka didn’t know. she was infuriated and walked out without saying anything. she felt the urge to tell guy friend ii but suppressed it, not knowing how to do it.

two weeks later, she pulled the courage to tell guy friend ii about what she saw. guy friend ii went berserk; he said the girl warned him that chicka was jealous about their relationship + is treating her like shit in the office + will try to feed him with lies about her. chicka realised the girl is much smarter than her + she’d loose the crew, one day.

true enough, chicka had to walk out of her friends she loved dearly fearing things would turn much worse than it already is. the girl was then engaged to guy friend ii.

that was two years ago.

one morning, chicka had to pick her mom’s friend from the airport. on the way back to kl, the auntie told chicka that the girl had a wedding reception in london recently. chicka was happy that guy friend ii has found his love and is married. chicka asked the auntie if she had pictures of the wedding + to her surprise the auntie said yes + showed her the pictures off her digital camera.

chicka was saddened to see the pictures, the girl married guy friend i, apparently the girl dumped guy friend ii on their wedding night. the crew has since broken up; they no longer hang out together.

the end.

kesah dongeng; hanya rekaan dan tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau mati.


bertique said...

crita dongeng ker?

heheh cam susah jek den nak percaya :P

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

kenapa, tak percaya?

ntah la weg, tatau apa nak komen sebenarnya.


*stail gelaks baru, sila jeles*

ly-d said...

there's no way this is a made-up story.

anywho, there's nuthin more that the chicka could've done. people chose their own destinies.

just hope that guy friend ii finds his own happiness and guy friend i finds wedded bliss with the girl.

that's all that we could wish for a friend

NaHLaH said...

uh-oh.. i dun think this is a made-up story... kesiannnn guy friend ii kan? :(

superdzu said...

your cerita dongeng very interesting.
asal tak bagi fictional names to your characters...susah gila i nak follow.


ah tak best lah pms gelak baru yew.

*tak jeles langsung*

hi pijoh!

Erra said...


hanya rekaan semata-mata

cik pms

tak pe, cest la vie


well said but sometimes, one cannot help but to feel a pinge of guilt for introducing that element which brought about the break of friendships


tu laa pasal, kesian kan? kalo buat cerekarama ok tak?


baru first draft maa ... lum pikir the nama yet

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


ha.. gelak ni macam orang kaya jahat sket.

hi betik!

Erra said...

cik pms


gelak macam siapa pulak?

hi wegra!

agus said...

Cam cerita hindustan pulak dah. Rekaan? Nehi. Wa tak percaya. Wa rasa ini benar punya. Malangnya, ini kisah sedey. Tapi apa boleh buat? Manusia ada chara sendiri.

Erra said...


wow! tak sangka my kesah dongeng sounded so real to eberibodi!!!

kita sik percaya???

penat ok i crack my head...

bertique said...

sekilas ikan di air, i dah tau yg mana ikan tgh bunting .. yg mana ikan gay.

walaupun u cuba men-deny-kan entri ini ttg kehidupan sebenar, jauh disudut hati yew mesti tersentuh kerna ada jugak rerakan yg memahami jiwa yew itu.

i tau, we all tau ni kisah benar .. hahahaahaha

hi all!

*ur word verification loyadik - wtf? loyadik, gedik .. hahaha

Erra said...


bukan ke yew yang gay, why salahkan ikan di laut? apakhan???

memang bertique very the getik

sekian, terima kasih

wid said...


i think u watch too many samarinda series on tv. hehe

Erra said...


i want to produce my own samarinda laa weeds :op

ok tak the storyline?

mummy-o said...

halu..long time no see la miss wegra!

the cerekarama best laa..start buat script cepat! hehe

anyways..bhajus mahal yg dia pinjam ada dpt balik tak?? hehehe

Erra said...


hello! yew naik pangkat, yew very the busy oredi, no time for me...

*wegra check the in progress script*

haiyah! the bhajus chicka no get laa, girl keep for life...

anisism said...

*wave at chicka's guy friend i and guy friend ii*

and *piaaaaak chicka's girlfriend berpusing 360 degrees*

and continue *waving*

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

anis is starting to scare me la lately ni..


gelak cam ni best tak? i nak adapt before thursday.


hi agus!!

Erra said...


i think cik pms has got an intense longing for you to wave at her, cepat waving waving at cik pms...

tak baik piaaaaak orang berpusing 360 degrees ... mana tahu, girl tot there's nothing wrong with what she's doing when some of us cringe at the thought ... maybe like racist chinese spammer to her life is a battle of the fittest.

cik pms

tried the laughter ... tersedak OK!

bertique said...

walaupun i tak take thing serious.

but, i'm hurted.

bye everybody ...

Erra said...


i'm sowwy ... no more gay lawaks

cikPijah said...

ooo! itu kah kesudahan citernye! kesian u lately kena go through alot eh. kam! kam! kaming mengkopi with us! leave all the problems (they're not ur prob anyway) behind!! see ya!

Erra said...

cik pijoh

chet! you lost me

when i tell kesah benar, you guys seb kesah dongeng ... when i tell kesah dongeng, you guys seb i tell kesah benar


anyways, take what ever lesson possible from this samarinda

psst! cik pms

tammau shooting kesah dongeng wegra ke? kita sell kat tv3 ke? :op