Friday, March 10, 2006

gibberish galore

yesterday i went out for lunch with skeez, we were dreaming of getting a hadioh for our mutant friend uzd. we blew our budget in topshop albeit for ourselves. i got a green top, skeez got sexy ehem ehem. maybe next year uzd. :op

the only reason i bought the top for myself pun sebab the sales assistant was so ikhlas bersungguh2 when serving me. dengan serba salah, i korek my purse to pay for the top. that's my weakness yo. if all malaysian sales assistant are turning more like their uk counterpart, i'll be broke pretty soon.

that's the green top, mama took the picture. she asked me what is it for and i replied, for my blog ma. she asked me to take a blurred picture of her and post it on the blog so that peeps won't recognise her. so, this is my blurred mama. if you see her on the streets, pretend not to know her.

oh ya! my uncle has found his way to this blog; wave at him y'all. my brother has found his way to this blog as well; wave at him y'all. even my cousin has found his way here. the name ahmad imran, 27+, single, i presumed an entrepreneur as well, lse graduate; wave if you're interested.

the pictures above were taken at a petrol kiosk and do you wanna see the damage i suffered today from the price hike???

precisely. don't drink and drive yo.

p.s. why at this age if i promote my friends saying they are good peeps, smart, pretty, etc etc ... the question that would follow suit, "if she's that great, how come she's single?" lucky i could answer she just got out of a failed relationship. me, i'm in a limbo and this weekend would be my first year limbo anniversary. should i celebrate?!


superdzu said...

lets celebrate together yo.

i like your green top...i think it'll look better on me.
bwekk to you and pms!!!

your mama is funny. i dont think i can ignore her if i see her on the streets.
ok...nak gi makan.
talk to you later yo.

double yo to your uncle yg single mingle.

zuhri said...

happy anniversary

mooke said...

hahah. your mum is so cute! *waves to ahmad imran* *chuckles*

bertique said...

ya, let celebrate together with ur super mutant and highly intelligently-retarded friends! oh ya both description suite ME best, hahaha.

then we can monopoly, or risk. i'm not a great strategist anyway - sometimes too analytical, sometimes too quick to made decision. but what the heck, it's only a game :D

or if we bosan tahap dewa, we can also play teng teng. or galah panjang or even, main getah (was it called zero point?).

ur mom = cool. what's with the thumb up auntie??

to rest of the family *waves*

bertique said...

ala made pulak. make actually.

sabtu what time? where? you guys need to inform me earlier sket buleh tak? coz probably i'll be somewhere in wangsa maju area which is lagik jauh la from serdang to subang jaya ;) *hint hint* buat la kat klcc muahahahah

pucuk paku, daun selasih terima kasih

Desparil said...

waah.. driving big car ah? mine kena half that je..

superdzu said...

eh silap
double yo to your kazen

tersilap yo kat your uncle.

Erra said...


i'm glad that you finally admit to being in my auntie + uncle league

sekian, terima kasih


thank you (?!?!?!?!)


ouuhhh!!! mama must not read your comment, as it is she thinks she's cuter than me.


mama's thumbs up read, "wegra, the green top looks hot on you but if suparrrdzu pakai tsk tsk tsk"


hang bawak the board games, we'll start our adventure on saturday in petaling street at 2-3 ish ... later we berkelah somewhere in kl


nah ... my mom's car, i'm her supir kehormat ... what's strange, everytime the car needs to make a detour to the petrol pump i'd be on the driver's seat and i'll have to fork the $$$

no, mama is not cute, mama is sneaky


eh ... but you aunti ... kenot kezen!

zuhri said...

err....have you checked the lens?

ifzan said...

mahalnye minyak skarang!!! nasib baik i tak payah bayar minyak, dzu yang bayar selalu. dia baik hati. semua orang patut kawan dia. you mom tu single ke? hihihi...

Erra said...


i donch wan a road bully dad like yew ... bye bye!

enche zuhri

dah tanya ... saw the reply on my desk ... kat mana ntah ... erk!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

you got say hi to your momma from me yesterday or not? you betta aaa...

today i go wearing my nicing2 ehem2 that i bought yesterday. the creme kaler wan i wearing. kenot wait to go tip toe my way over to brucie's. haha. yes, i'm a show-off.

eh, tomorrow's arrangement howw aaa??
lemme know via text ek, igot meeting in midvalley at 3pm, finish bout 4ish. kam la go drinking there..

superdzu and friends, kam meet me and GRO at midvalley lepas keroje. we go yam cha!!!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

eh, lupalak. the midvalley thingy is today y'all!!

not tomorrow.

be there or be square like ipzan.

superdzu said...

eh pms..
tomolo you meeting us or not?

wegra u go also tak?

ok bye bye

i am beautiful!

cikPijah said...

wat! yam cha at mid valley at 4 today! people got working la PMS.

like ur green top. i topshop kenot afford coz all price skyrocket high.

**lambai2 to all wegra's silent readers "hello!!"**

Erra said...

cik pms

today ... i cannot do yam cha ... got work + got bisit auntie session


tomollo, i can join

Erra said...


green top cheaper than car drinking

cikPijah said...

erk! less than rm50 ken get or not?

Erra said...

cik pjoh

must add RM 30 on top

superdzu said...

ha so cheap meh?
this sunday i go there to topshop.
bcoz my bday.. so get bday discounts!
then at san fransisco coffee..dapat free mug of coffee.
i love birthdays!

Erra said...


cheap bekos i use my bestest friend's topman card ... keh! keh! keh! his besday oso i use his besday discount ... miah! miah! miah!

(yes! fadhlan, i'm tokking abot yo brader. yu want shopping, kam kam shopping wit me.)

ifzan said...

road bully dad? hmmm thats a thought.... bila la i nak jadik abah ni. this year i hope... hehhee

Erra said...


if yew jadi abah ... i borrow your kid to bully can arr???

cikPijah said...

rm80!! erk.. i go buy tops at psr mlm jer lah. :(

Erra said...


it's in the eyes ... tak payah burn the plastic, sometimes cheap stuff oso got nice nice maaa

anisism said...

*wave ahmad imran*


emi said...

uish...mahal sungguh minyak..tak reti ar nak drive kat msia camnih..kalau isi RM10 dpt brape litre je nih...

emi said...

setelah tngok gambar..and buat pengiraan...RM10 dpt 5.2litre je..damn!kena naik scooter je ar kat msia V100 yg sangat dipercayai...

Erra said...


and you've yet to see the new subang jaya

subang jaya yang aman tenteram, gone! now seropa KL!!!

Allya said...

hihihi... funny la your mama! Such a great mama-daughter bonding!! Eh nice top la maryam!! Ecewah!! (yey, can claim satay)... Have you lost weight maryam? cant wait to see you in April... (there! i said it! :S) hihihi...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! =)

Hi all *waves back*