Monday, March 06, 2006

a childhood friend

meet my childhood friend, widie.
don’t be fooled by her appearance, she may seem sober and very the warisan wanita terakhir. well, she IS very the lembut, actually, despite the tough exterior she tries to project. she’s the coolest chic i know. she’s a music genius. she’s dead creative and intelligent, hilarious as well, very the athletic lagi. very the good friend oso, the one you can trust.

me being me, i had to go missing laa kan slowly2, exploring the world on my own. when i came back after that long void, she’s very the open arms. thanks very much, weed. really appreciate it.

widie was my guitar chee cher. she’s my play the keyboard by listening chee cher, back when i was so dependent on music sheets. but of course, me nuthead tak cukup berguru. petang2 after prep, she’ll drag me to join her jam songs from metallica’s black album on chaklempong (donch remember which laa babe). the music room was our pit stop back then, tak pun the little piano room under ms vicky’s flat. her sketches zaman kanak2 dulu were awesome (i still have some of our sketches, yesh! the mulut tikus sketch. i now remember my doc mart prints around the piece of paper and suddenly a katak squashed under one of the shoe print. i’m the doc mart distributor, remember. hehe!). oh! she’s very the mensa material. (i can't help it, i'm a marketeer OK!)

anyways, i had tea with her and ina yati on sunday.

seperti zaman kanak2 dulu, she still records her jamming session albeit now through her mobile phone. dulu2 pakai keset je, bang.
that’s ina yati listening to the recording attentively. weed was playing jac victor’s gemilang and mariah carey’s my all (wasn’t it?) on the piano, backing a unitar student singer. the unitar girl could really sing mate! my goose went over the bump.

and i’m still in denial. weed, you sure you’ve got a baby girl oredi, babe????
a JAIS undercover skodeng-ing the hotel lobby...


anisism said...

and baby-ish?


ly-d said...

yepp.. widie the music genius. listen to the song then immediately play it on organ/keyboard/piano/guitar - you name it.

chopppp .. dun forget percussion - mini orkes college dulu.. ngan ierra and who else arh..

but my mind keeps replaying the scene where she played subculture on guitar at the staircase infront of 5T

ly-d said...

or was it 4T?

widz said...

hahahah weggs.. mcm tribute lak. but i still hate those rabbit teeth!

lyds, subculture was during our form 5 years. i still have the pic of u and naziah and our very own mummy-o elynor doing ur chorus dance kat tangga tu.. LOL

Erra said...


i recommend posting them pictures

widz said...


them piccies got all three of them wearing shorts. nak ke? heheh

Erra said...

alamaks weed...