Tuesday, March 14, 2006

common courtesy + premenstrual syndrome

just read nahlah’s + widie’s entry on lack of common courtesy amongst malaysians, on the road, in general.

they used to bug me, them little, little things.

it used to bug me when peeps try to initiate small talks at a play; like d’uh someone’s on stage performing. it used to bug me when peeps interject when another is giving a presentation. it used to bug me when peeps don’t acknowledge let alone thank the waiter/waitress who’s just served them. let’s not go on to driving etiquette, which, once upon a time, can make me go botak.

but sekarang my attitude suka hati korangs lah, asal tak step on my toes i leave you as you like it but don’t look at me weird when i thank the tollgate teller.

what went wrong really? when did them politeness start eroding from our society?

i mean, i look at my late grandparents, they were so very courteous, i went so very humbled watching them.

ok, fine. ‘tis part of the process; social development amidst economic development. but we’ve got references from other developed society. why not use them to ensure that we don’t repeat their history? keeping the yin and the yang balanced.

ok, fine. we’ve short circuited many of the problems developed nations had gone through.

so now, what’s the point of this post? saja premenstrual syndrome. (i like being perempuan, blame everything on premenstrual syndrome, everyone go quiet. don’t go jeles-ing guys) :op


lady_bugs said...

pms yaa... yaa we can ALWAYS blame it on pms.. hehehehe...
thats e reason u r craving for ben&jerry's?

cikPijah said...

eh minah emo! u take care of my payung mahal ok. thanks the very!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

sorry ye.

nama Cik PMS telah dicopyrightkan.


mooke said...


wah! you linked me! thank you! tapi, kena letak ke jr kat tepi link..takyahla, please.. hihi.

superdzu said...

is this a special post for zeek eh...silap...cik pms?

she memang no manners.
always so rude.
i agree.

i always thank the toll girl/boy.

zuhri said...

oh well, most important is to clear ur conscience and do it on ur own. do it kalo depan diaorang, hoping they would follow suit. you can't move the mountain, but u sure can move the pebble under ur feet.

as for pms, it's totally out of my league, so i better shaddap.

oit. mumtaz malam ni! why u didn't reply my text? changed ur number? barred my number? hahahaa

Erra said...


cool ... i'll use pms for my ben & jerry's lust :op


ade2 kat belakang keta dok atas seat lagi

cik pms

noted, tu sebab pakai the full name


i'm telling the whole world that you are YEARS younger than me. enjoy it! :o)


not so lonely after all this world. my ex always go, why must you thank them???

enche zuhri

memang i dah block your number from my phone, baru tahu ke???

kul berapa mumtaz malam ni???

zuhri said...

buhuhuuu.....*lari tekup muka*. kul 8.30pm.

Matilda said...
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bertique said...

hahha zuhri ko mangsa ke dua, aku yg pertama. :D

hmm .. eden maleh la nak komen psl menda2 nih. nyakitkan hati jek.

tido jap la ...

Erra said...


amender nyer yang menyakitkan hati? enlighten me please.

my tersurat, i’m sure you’ve all noted.

my tersirat from the whole post. a problem, if you amplify on it, it'll be a serious nuisance to you, but if you choose to make it minute, you won’t even notice its existence. when we know how to bersyukur, there’s less stress.

on pms, i was just mocking. we have awareness, we know what to do, we know what is best, we act upon it, we are not that weak or are we?

bertique said...


i malas nak komen on the courtesy part of the malaysian ler .. ;)

wah lain mcm jek ur comment, marah ker? it wasnt intended 'that' way, u got it wrong - i wrote it badly.


Erra said...


donch sensitive ... bila masa laks i marah???? dok eh!

takoot kome salah faham

Erra said...

mana tahu kome ingat guwe ni the whiney whiney over petty petty stuff type

emi said...

itu la kan..kat sini orang turun public bus..akan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pemandu bas tersebut...and mereka beratur b4 naik bus...heh...

teringat kat msia..nak kuar dari lrt or komuter pon..macam agak sukar...kerna..orang kat luar dah rempuh masuk...hmm...maybe kena buat iklan kat tv or kat movie ke....suh smua rakyat amalkan comman courtesy smua tuh...

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

korang mesti best bermumtaz without me kan?


tapi tak jeles sangat sebab i penat yang teramat.

tido dlu!!!!

bertique said...

mumtaz how? no picture ker??

Desparil said...

actually, the pms excuse can also work in a guy's favour.

say you're working with/for a girl. then some problem occurs.. you can put the blame on the girl when the boss asks and just say.. "that time of the month kot"...


agus said...

Uh oh, it's that time again.

I guess it is just called coutesy these days coz there's nothing common about it. It makes some people nice, sweet and special. How wonderful.

Erra said...


balik mesia, don't go changing!

cik pms

selamat melaka


no picture cos of your absence


yooo hooo! nak gi mana tu. come back, come back, come back!!!


i wanna be special!!!

bertique said...

ada ka. reason tak diterima :D

aiyo makcik, kamis already. old post la nih, ngatuksss zzzzz

zuhri said...

betik, pass me the pillow

superdzu said...

u gi mumtaz tak semalam?

sorry about last night.
i tersangkut kat kl till 12am.

peace wegzzz

superdzu said...

where r u?

Erra said...

bertique + enche zuhri

tolong laa karangkan the post ... i've got work


ada, ada, ada ni ... tadi in KL for a bit

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

tumpang lalu....
hehehe i ade comment about this...but in zuhri's page...
what to do ...he double-tell your story...i happen to read his entry first..hehehe..marah dia...

and btw...memang ini bulan.. bulan mengambang bagi wanita2 ker?...all my housemates (pinky angel, la femme ecrivian..and another one...except me...yg tak terkeluar2...)
any tips?...a friend adviced me jump around...which i don't find any logical explanation for that...

marah zuhri lagi...ambik gambar bulan mengambang!