Saturday, March 18, 2006


the racist chinese who's been spamming our blogs with hate posts is in dire need of chill pills. i strongly recommend morphine; you'll go euphoric and all your pain would go away.

him maintaining a single track mind, that is all i can prescribe.

i tried to feed him with information but he failed to digest them. i tried to share my experiences but he failed to grasp them. i tried to coax him to an intellectual intercourse but he failed to respond. he kept on parroting the same thing over and over and over again, unable to reflect.

why? why? why? definitely not idiocy; i'm sure his mental capacity surpasses mine, him belonging to a superior race. definitely not crassness; i'm sure he's more cultured + refined than i, him belonging to a superior race. then, it has to be pain + anger motivated. the pain must be too great for him to build that massive wall with thorny creepers. so what was it, sayang? why so much hate + anger welled up?

*wegra hugs racist chinese spammer*

the crassness of this observation shocked everyone into silence, including wegra herself. race related? or it's just wegra not being refined?

you know what's ironic? he calls the malays 'nazis' and him the victim of our 'atrocity', yet he achoed darwinism-inspired eugenics, which justified and encouraged the nazi views on both race and war. tsk! 'superior race'?

such confused soul...


cikPijah said...

aiya! u oso like cikPMS got a spesel entry for tht looser.

bertique said...

apa nih .. mana spesel entry utk org2 yg cam i? terperangkap antara kehidupan manusia dan betik :D

superdzu said...

jgn layan the spammer.
guys...if you guys layan him...he'll think he's special and shit.
when he's not.

jom layan skodeng skirt pijah.
lagi best.

hi betik!

Erra said...


he minat me gila2 asking for my attention ... i give laa


your turn will come, please join the pembaris


bila nak skodeng, calling2 arr ... i'll F1 to the place

anisism said...

i'm back and *hugs racist chinese spammer*..

i luuuuuuuuuurve racist chinese.

tsk tsk tsk~

bertique said...

hi dzu, biler nak naan nih?

hi wegra, bila nak bertarung?

hi pms, dah baik ke lebam2 dr paintball?

hi all - create a great day!

cikPijah said...

hari ni i pakai kebaya pink! ayu gitu!! nak skodeng tak?

Erra said...



i pun berlakon ayu ... pakai baju kurung

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i pun nak pakai baju kurung ah..

leh cover sket all the lebamss

Erra said...


hello kid! how was your trip?


bila2 can bertaruh, you're the one yang busy gegila... ;o)

cik pms

moh berbaju kurungs kita today ... ay gituh! auuwww!!!

bertique said...

saya jugak yg bz ekk .. hehehe

ok la, lets try friday nite. somewhere in kedai kopi mahal yg tutup lewat. preferably not at the curve or kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya :P.

kalau nak ramai join, kita main monopoly jek .. happening sket, risk kalau kita berdua jek, cam tak best lak ..

selamat berbaju kurung you ols!

Erra said...


you kumpuls the players ... i donch mind between monopoly + risk ... scrabble i sure crumble ... i crack under pressure when it comes to word game ... :op

superdzu said...

pijoh...i very much want to skodeng u bcoz you got big oppai.
wegra and cikpms also the same.
youguys should start an oppai club.

sure betik terus nak jadik member!

naan friday ke?

cikPijah said...

hahaha! blady hell yew dzu! i know u jeles! i know u oso want to join the club. say so lah. donch be shy-shy!

*peace wegra*

kebaya pink i terlalu pink n its beginning to give me a big headache.

Erra said...


what about chiisai oppai club???

i lobe you, dzu!!!!


go clorox bleach the pink so that it goes less pink! :op

bertique said...

dzu + geng, mau naan dulu ka? atau trus main?

ok event kalau jadi jumaat mlm sabtu, ala2 pukul 9 gitu la .. place, hhmm .. kat mana ?? korang sajes ngk.

permainan - monopoly? (wegra, i dont have monopoly set.)

risk? currently cuma wegra expert, i very the amatur. ada sesapa mau blajar?

so korang decide.

anybody up for tenis saturday morning? eden cuma amatur dlm sokan per-tenis-an nih ...

*betik tgh mode gigih bersukan + bermain board games*

Erra said...


wegra hanya jaguh sokan galah panjang + freesbie ... yang lain, hampeh!