Friday, March 03, 2006

bloggers meet

last night, another mengkopi session unfold. skodengDzu + stolencar + mr skull were busy with work, apparently, and so weren't able to join us to see "Ikan Paus" in action. poor Bert the Betik, he took sirap limau ais shower last night.

to the supermutants, if you get to match them kakis below to their right owner, i subside your tengok wayang ticket seposen each. :op

probable owners: bertique, wegra, cik pms, cik pijah, angel eyes, desparil, enche zuhri, flowery, hani

p.s. Casanova will be on saturday 9:30 pm TGV One Utama


NaHLaH said...

oooo love the pic!! :D

bertique said...

no picture please, no picture :P


bertique said...

oh btw, sikit jek sirap limau tuh. i was wrong to say tak tau and terlupa cik pms dah minum air, was supposed to say 'again' or huh? hahaha

tak pe tak pe. i'm farmer, you are hunter. another day i sure kenakan balik. (sungguh tak rhyme!)

bertique said...

oppsss sorry, terbuat ala2 u lak cik wegrawankelian :D. next time we share naan lagik ok?

Erra said...



jangan bising2 kat sini kita share naan, nanti suparrrdzu jeles laa wehhhhh

later later i leave 3 post on your blog, OK

basket case said...

best ke pi mengkopi without kitorang last night. you guys miss us issit???

seposen je, tak nak lah guess. like i can guess betul only, whatever.

Erra said...


merci! :o)


sedar2 dah kul 11, cik pijah kene seru balik. i wanted to calling2 you peeps to make yew jeles, but i forgot.

need i say more???? :op

zuhri said...

the teh tarik sure was tak sedap. but i missed the crowd since i was late...huhuhuhu

superdzu said...

i dah tau sapa yg pakai selipar merah buruk tu.
mesti pms!

am i right or am i right?

oooooooh share naan!

eh sapa yg pi tgk wayang lagi this sat?

Desparil said...

saya ada jawapan dia! sapa mau? sapa mau? will sell to the highest bidder..


cikPijah said...

suparDzu.. ur tekaan on slipar merah is the salah. pls try again! :P

basket case said...

cik wegra, hang dah beli tiket ka??? berapa orang yang akan menghadirkan diri malam tuh ah???

PiNaT said...

dalam banyak2 kaki di sana, kaki aku jugak yang menawan.. uhuk! hehehehe..

Erra said...

enche zuhri

datang lambat, komplen...


selipar merah mana satu yang buruk??? you have to be specific


shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......


you pakai kesut itam ke???


i reserved 6 tickets ... at the moment, the 3 stooges, cik pms + guwe with 1 ticket available


tengok wayang moh

Erra said...


ha ah laa ... errr ... kaki mun-g ada terselit ek????

cikPijah said...

waa! u sensitip yer with tht selipar merah! ade dua tua! both almost the same tahap buruks nye! :P semlm saya berkaki ayam ler wegra dahling.

wayang korang tengok mlm ek? saya sabtu mlm kurang beraktiviti.. nanti mak bapak marah.

superdzu said...

bosanlah hang ni.
jom ah

eh i dgr rumour you yg pakai the selipar buruk tu...ada betul ka?

basket case said...

ish...ish...ish...superdzu, ada ke kutuk slipar wegra buruk. memang lah buruk, tak yah lah tayang kan kat semua.


peace out yo.

Erra said...


be specific OK ... which selepar merah??????? which end??????? i pakai selepar itam ada heels lagi tau!!!!

Erra said...

gambar lain will be uploaded here

wen i hef taim

anisism said...

ni nak main tuju slipar ke?

zuhri said...

i lambat cannot help la pasal dinner with boss. but i still want to meet my blogger frens, that's why made effort to cross pj from OU to subang jaya. still had a good laugh with cik puan's and betik's antique.

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widots said...

weggs? ur comments page dah jadik political eh? eheheheheh

zuhri said...

it's antics...not antiques la...zuhri, what happen la to ur english...ish..

anisism said...

wow, what's with the politics in here?

Erra said...


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Erra said...

laling baby anisism

not a scent of political thoughts, pure racism...

bertique said...

ooo hang panggil aku antik ye zuhri, kureng asam!

dahling, what happened to your blog/comment section? dah jadi ala-ala tmpt perbincangan politik lak. and i'm not aware of anything related to the political agenda or movement related entries in ur blog. hmmm ..

don't lose your sleep over it (i know you won't anyway).

winner, boleh and killer probably is the same person. and the same person who prefers to hide behind the e-world, exploiting the current situation and stir the environment.

Erra said...

bert the betik

not worth losing my beauty sleep over this ... 'cos i'm beautiful, i'm beautiful, i'm beautiful it's true


cikPijah said...

winner, boleh and killer, wht's your point actually? would your comments make any difference? i dont think so.

Desparil said...

winner, killer & boleh,

sounds like you guys got it all sorted. so.. please feel free to make this country a better place.

go ahead. or are you just good at talking kok? frustrated cos you're not getting any, perhaps?

if you think callin people names are going to make things better, go TFK lah.

Erra said...

errr desparil

what is tfk??? i google-d no find lah.....

Desparil said...


short form for ta fei kei.. hehe..

Erra said...


i presumed 'tis a swear word and went google-ing ... i got a link to

terus pening kepala and still don't know what them TFK meant. well, not important!

Desparil said...

aiya.. segan mau tulis sini la.. err.. self service? paham?

Erra said...


whoops! i think i got the gist