Thursday, March 23, 2006

richard ashcroft to dysfunctional life


i'm so very in the cloud nine at the moment. last night at 11ish allya rang to ask which richard ashcroft album am i interested in; she was in HMV. auuwww! you're so sweet, i so love you!

shut it!

i don't care if he's passe, he was king once...


agus + enche zuhri

if you wish to learn what i learnt from my socialising with street raconteurs (the homeless) without having to socialise with them, read Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Master. ;o)

here for link to book review and here for link to an abstract from the book


superdzu said...

hi weggs
richard ashcroft of
bitter sweet symphony?
oklah...tak le hot sgt

see ya tonite man!

Erra said...

yo superdzu


it depends on what you're measuring. i tergila2kan how he deliver his music. oh! and when those fingers pluck the guitar; meow! and his lips not bad pe? :op

alamak!!! hemsem nyer! hemsem nyer!

see ya later, ya!

cikPijah said...

wegra angau!!!

Erra said...

cik pijah

i tot yewww donch know how to get home oredi, sampai pun rumah. alhamdulillah...

after yeww calling2 last nite, allya calling2, then i jumping2 laik orang gila...

agus said...

thanks wegra. will definitely get myself absorbed.

you be at hartamas square tonight yes?

Erra said...


yup! i'll be there, alright. you're coming ya?

i'll see ya!

bertique said...

lee-cerd-ass-crof, lagi lagi lee-cerd-ass-crof.

ok la, i pun tak berapa kenal dia nih .. so tak fair la nak komen kan ..

selamat ber-get-together ok mlm nih.

sila miss me.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i tak fwen betik.

hi agus!

cikPijah said...

u jumping like org gila? i tot u mmg gila? oh wrong.. i must be the one gila..

apelah yg ko melalut ni labu. pls ekskuz me.

agus said...

Hi CPMS! Hi Wegra! Sorry la last night. Tak dapat nak chat semua. Jauh dan baru lagi. Time to get cozy is limited la katakan. Tak pa. Looking forward to exploring the next session.

superdzu said...

yo weggs

eh i like your necklace semalam.

i lap yewww

Erra said...

cik pms

you fighting with bertique?

eh? tengah countdown to mata berbulu lebat, nervous tak?

cik pijah

we same2 gila, but different2 gila


yup! the group was real big, to cross boraks was rude but at least finally you get meet the other bloggers.


give you?? mama!!!!!!!!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Heya Wegra, it was nice meeting up with u last night even though we didnt get to talk much :) oh yeah, lurve the necklace!