Sunday, March 05, 2006

tagging your personality???

Greed:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

Answer these questions:-

1. Greed - What Luxury item did you last buy?
If by luxury you mean something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary, it has to be my KG gold 3 inch sandals which hasn’t left the box since April 2005. Masa beli rasa beautiful, now rasa rugi!!!! But it wasn’t because of greed I got it, i think, but it was so lawa i was smitten and it was on sale. From 69 quid to 19 quid yo!

2. Gluttony - What is your favorite food?
I miss moussaka

3. Wrath - What makes you angry?
Holier than thou attitude against others

4. Sloth - When are you at your laziest?
When the kittens forgot their potty training

5. Envy - What brings the green-eyed monster in you?
Can’t think of anything, rezeki orang lain2 rite????

6. Lust - What / who do you lust after?
An intense longing punya lust has to be for a D70s and the whole works but if you want to kumpul duit to hadiah me a D200 for my birthday in December oso can!!!

7. Pride - What are you most proud of?
I’m proud of my family, I’m proud of my friends so don’t slag them or I'll slap you... :op

Am tagging...
1. mummy-o
2. widot
3. ly-d
4. nadio
5. pinat
6. baby anisism (mana tahu hati terbuka)


anisism said...

nice try.

not gonna happen still.

la la la..

terbuka lah terbuka lah..terbukalah hati akaaaaaak tu untuk at least D50 for me!!!!

bertique said...

apsal semua pun low-medium jek nih? tipu la i rasa permainan nih. i dont wanna do it la, :P.

how was casanova?

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


baru baca all those rubbish comments on your last entry.


chicken shit betulla .. if you sooo berani, you publish la blog url or your name.. why want to throw stone then hide hand? stoopid fool.

i no need proper big ass english word wirting also can say this la... --> YOU CHICKEN SHIT YOU.

you forgot issit, the name is MALAY-sia. not CINA-sia or INDIA-sia. stoopid mothafarking fark shit people.

wegra, sori.. saja je carik pasal kalau dia berani sangat..

ni la manusia, tak reti bersyukur dengan apa yang dia ada.. i studied abroad. and i witnessed not once but banyak kali orang cina kena belasah dijalanan simply because the natives tak suka depa. and betul kata you, pernah ke kita buat camtu kat diorang?

gila tak sedar diri laa..

sorry wegra, terexcited balik..

you 3 losers, go eat shit la. if not enough, i'll happily donate mine.

Erra said...


i donch give up one


'cos i'm beautiful ... keh! keh! keh!

cik puan muda stress

... hentah lah ... tul gaks ... a taiwanese student was murdered in manchester a year before i came ... racism nyer pasat ... kadang2 when we are ignorant and sheltered, we emotional tak bertempat ... we fail to see, the grass is not always greener on the other side ... maka iqra' and see the world more ... :op

Erra said...


if you are a minority operating in a country where the majority are in poverty, how much economic activities can be created? how much development can we achieve?

NEP was outlined with good intention and understood by all races, then. today, they are lost in translation...

enche zuhri

the tan sri aziz interview is timely lah...

Erra said...

casanova was cute, suparrrdzu yang smitten sangat, ske gila che akak tu...

zuhri said...

betik, aku pun ada was-was dengan keputusannya. kalo camni, kira wegra ni dah temasuk dalam golongan orang-orang zuhud

Erra said...

enche zuhri

uhuk! uhuk! zuhud ni apa???

the questions + answer choices tak sesuai dengan guwe. cuba ask the right questions complete with the right answers, i'm sure i'll be caught!

PiNaT said...

haiyoo yoo, time aku bizi nak packing pun kena tag lagi? tak adil, sungguh tak adil..

Erra said...

"Zuhud", an Arabic word which means to denounce all the material things in life and turn towards God "Allah"

i don't denounce material things, i try to practice magnanimity ... but i'm human, i do get caught jugak


nanti kat sana bohsan2 ke first week, leh buat my tag!

hug allya for me, thanks. rindu laks! your girl is really very the pandai and her drive to learn and discover umaaakkkk aiii!!! gempak! itu baru 2 tawoon...

bertique said...

zuhri, tapi aku rasa kuiz tuh tipu. so aku malas nak buat :P hahaha

superdzu said...

eh lebih dari smitten ok..
i'm in loveeeeeee
hahaha...dah lah dia tu laki org.
i dontch care.
i love you heath!

p/s :
i second cik pms!
nagappan supergampang sungguh!
memang chicken shit.

zuhri said...

wegra - hey, glad that i've shared something new with you. u googled the word, izzit?

superdzu - who? heath? isn't he the homo in brokeback mountain? yucks

bertique said...

sapa heath nih? apsal aku tak kenal? camna ko kenal zuhri?

dia dah kawin? tapi apsal dia homo? apa nih?

yg benar,
aku terkeliru

basket case said...

siap bagitahu bila birthday dia tu. when exactly is your befday anyway????

Erra said...

stolen car

soklan birthday kene jawab dengan pantas!!!!

28 december ... donch worry, got many months to menabung ... du bi du bi du bi dam :op

zuhri said...

birthday? who's birthday? my birthday dah lepas, last month

Erra said...


casanova... of lies told, virtue lost and love found

i cannot see laa what so great abot mr heath... which is good... otherwise we have to rolling2 gado tarik rambut...

mebbe paprizzio is ze man for me... a little unsure yet he's sugnificant... oh paprizzio!!! i heart thou... :op

Erra said...


Casanova did make fun of the Catholic Church ... lets see if the devout catholics run amok ... or maybe they are mature enough to realise that the story is not to be taken too seriously, so why be bothered by it?


superdzu said...

i still love heath.

cikPijah said...

huhu.. nak tengok gak citer ittew.. taper.. akan ku tunggu dvd nye

ly-d said...

tagged and i had to be reading this whilst at the office. me - no resisting tags tried to go and do quiz.

got me a 403 error - forbidden!!!!

not my fault i can't respond fast arh.. mebbe later tonite

p.s. just noticed those unbelievably rascist comments ... sigh .. will the hate never stop?