Thursday, March 02, 2006

wegra skodeng wan am

this is my wan am. she loves hindi songs. when she does her chores, she'll have them blaring through her chorong and she'll boogie to them.

when my parents were away for umrah, us four would drive all the way to hers in kajang for makan. today without my adiks2 pun, i still do that.

i'm totally knackered + brain drained, i think tonite's mengkopi i'll be diam, as if i'm always bising pun. oh ya! and my mobile is sleeping, so don't go panicking if my phone is not reachable, i'll be there on time.

sekian, terima kasih.


cikPijah said...

wohoo! me first again! too much nescafe me.. kenot sleep. kenapa tak amik gambar wan am skodeng bwh meja.. eleh... like-like tak biase only :P

Erra said...

i veli innocent one!!!