Friday, March 24, 2006

last nite

last nite we had another bloggers meet, this time i can't do my skodeng pictures. the place was too dimly lit, mate; peeps would have to freeze for a bit + i would be intrusively pointing the camera at them for the longest time, if otherwise they'll come out all fuzzy, and if that's the case it's not skodeng anymore. for pictures better go to suparrrDzu's [here](oh! please donch call her 'super') + enche zuhri's fotopages [here].

i arrived in hartamas 10 minutes early, i went for a quickie DVD bajakan. i was all excited, i had 10 DVDs in hand + so me gerak to bayar (dah lama tak layan TV, gimme a break). donch ask which titles, they were so not mainstream + you'll go what??? i also went what??? at some of them. only at the counter, did i realise i left my purse in the office. oops! there goes my movie marathon. i think mebbe that was why later the tauke was not so generous with skeez, he probably remembered me from earlier, as suparrrDzu put it, teasing him. :op

oh! thanks pizan for thumbsucker; i like! definitely not suitable for a 1 1/2 year old, yewww psycho! demmit yewww for pulling my leg! but maybe the flick is best for parents who's dying to make their kid conform; thumbsucking for pacification tak macho.

and thanks cik pms for advancing cash for the two DVDs. you're the bomb!!! please donch interest me so high on the loan...

the meet.

them bloggers, they've branded me as the quiet one + so i joined stolencar (who's doing more observing than talking) + played the role; all smiles, intensely observing, sometimes pondering. ;o)

last nite we saw the biggest crowd. we've got a handfull of clown jesters wihout their hats making us go rolling in laughing fits. the crew was pretty loud. but as agus said, it's impossible to get cozy with every single person; biggie crowd. i'm not sombong yo! just shy. :op

ena (auntie roseni's niece) + syamly were there as well. the last time i saw them was at fatboy slim's some years ago. ena remembers my sis + i. syamly hampeh! tetiba he went oh! ni laa anak che nor. yeah! my mom the glam one, us invisible. but i like their watches, real cool!!! i especially like ena's *wegra drool*

oh! i got to skodeng suparrrdzu's notebook; was impressed with her naive doodling but her etymological prowess tickled both cik pms + meself. *peace dzu! we love yeww!!!* it was only one mistake but hahaha all the same. the nerdy in her tickled cik pms alone, i kept my mouth zipped 'cos sometimes i do the same but i'm not a nerd or am i? what am i referring to??? for me to know, titik! yeww peeps donch go busy body.

it was my first time meeting, cosmic girl + red raven. 'twas good meeting you peeps. *wegra waves at, cosmic girl + red raven* enche zuhri was being a true shutterbug the whole nite.

apparently, there were aussie lomographers at the other end of the table being entertained by jiji and pizan.

oh! the brain very the scattered yesterday. after the meet, i was already in subang when i realised i had to drop auntie salma's files at auntie akmar's in jalan dungun. half way, auntie salma rang worried something had happened to me on the road. oops! i had to do a 19 minutes drive, lucky there were no police as i was driving like a mad woman without my licence. :op [note: have a checklist in the car]

p.s. 'tis most unlikely but if syamly was to somehow sesat here he would have gone flabbergasted at the sight of texts + would've just scrolled down. he would've gained nothing + that would be very the waste of time + energy mouse clicking, so wave at syamly, peeps!

p.s.s. the star clown jester awards go to cik pms + cik pijoh. the most memorable moment was when the biggest spit i've ever seen suddenly jumped out from this particular chicka's mouth whilst cik pijah was performing her stand up comedy.

p.s.s.s. bertique, you were sorely missed ...


anisism said...

and how come i wasn't invited?

penat *wave* tau, ingat tak penat ke!!

agus said...

Haha wegra, I was looking forward to seeing the legs la...

Quiet, you? Yeah I noticed. But once in a while ada juga la movement. Havoc was more like it. Sampai buat rombongan ke ladies lagi tu.

I sokong your 'bukan sombong, very shy' statement. High 5*

Erra said...

baby anisism


where were you yesterday? melbourne. where were we yesterday? kl.

nuff said.


makkk! you oso got legs fetish izzit???

shhhhhhhh!!! why tell the whole world we did a rombongan che kiah to the ladies? it sounded dodgy laa...

*high 5* said...

wegra,i oso shy loh,so xpe.. time lets not ok.:p

yo super!
yo zuhri!

(tibe2 zuhri plak.:p)

Erra said...


well, it's your first time, understandable. me on the other hand, shy every single time! :op

eh? since our house is so very the near, can go dating2 maa ... errr ... or go jogging like Dzu suggested.

you trying to tell me something Dzu. &%^&*$*%^&%*% yewww Dzu!!!!

superdzu said...


wegss you dontch angry.
where got hidden meaning one.
gile ke ape?

i love you jiji loves her sausages!

hi betik!

superdzu said...


wegss you dontch angry.
where got hidden meaning one.
gile ke ape?

i love you jiji loves her sausages!

hi betik!

superdzu said...

oh man
my comment keluar 2 kali?

sorry weggs

hi pijoh!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hi Agus
Hi Tiena
Hi Superdzu


I tak malu but duduk jauh sgt from u so takleh nak borak. hahahahaha!

Erra said...

cosmic girl

i pasang2 telinga oso your stories. ;o)


have a good weekend ya!

cikPijah said...

hello people!

giller panjang citer but no pictures! ceh! rugi beli camera mahal XXXMpixels ok!

hi tiena!

Erra said...

laling cik pijoh

i'm trying to stimulate right brain activities ... imagine y'all ... imagine ...

superdzu said...

hi wegra!!

wassup wegra!

assalamualaikum wegra!

bertique said...

tak de crita pun org missed i kat sini :( ..

sebaik dzu hi kat i ..

*waves back at dzu, tutup muka dan berlalu pegi ...

hahah .. so drama swasta! glad you all had fun semlm, i mean who doesnt right when meeting u guys. len kali i cuba datang .. len kali la ...

Erra said...


hang berkampung kat opis ka? malam2 dok internet?


dah terpaksa add "you were missed" :op

bertique said...

hahaha .. that's so funny ok!

ceh no need la, me just kidding .. len kali ok, len kali i try.

*penat giler nih baru balik main tenis .. nak tido sat

anisism said...

tak kire aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

bottom line is TAK JEMPUT.

hmpph. *walks away*

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

gila hapa budak anis ni.

hi anis!!

hi agus!


tak sempat sembang langsung ngan agus.


yo dzu the spitter!!
say it, dontch spray it.


thesyemism said...

heya..i managed to get to your =)

ifzan said...

tak aci lah. i had to layan the omputehs and miss out on all you bloggers gila. next time, next time.

hi wegra.... ;]

Erra said...

baby anisism

first, get your cute arse back home. donch kecoh2, just continue waving...

hi cik pms!


go back to the post + get completely immersed with the TEXTS


shaddap lah you! donch laa be shy to admit, you secretly enjoy layan the omputehs. ;o)