Monday, March 20, 2006

ayah chik guwe

meet my ayah chik (nope, that's not his car). he's my mom's youngest brother.

yup! he's goofy like that + mama oso like that sometimes + bapak oso like that sometimes, ikoot mood.

so donch get angry with me if i donch know how to pose in front of the camera 'cos i grew up surrounded by adults like them.


superdzu said...

your ayah chik posing gila sexy!!

you dont know how to pose?
lepak with me and jiji for 2 days...sure you'll graduate with flying colours.
dapat sijil 'cam whore'.
i tak da sijil tu...silap.

jiji sorang.

Erra said...


donch laa shy, if you've got the sijil oso we understan-g...


superdzu said...

i memang takde
coz i'm no whore.. woman!

jiji ada.

oi dtg uptown tak bagitau org.
shit u wegra.

Erra said...

ting tong! message from suparrrdzu

eh? madam ... i'm writing love letters, msn ting tong me got comment ... haiyah!

jess now no got mobile phone ... long story ... next time i baling brick through your glass can arr??? then you know i'm in uptown loh ...

ifzan said...

you tengah tulis love letter kat i ke? i wait.....

Erra said...

ting tong! message from ifzan

*wegra checking the love letters*

eh? i no find your name laa, sorry!

anisism said...

*wave ayah chik*

(memanjang nak wave sumer orang. saiko la wa)

bertique said...

waves kat ayoh chik demo.

hahaha ..

still no entry abt me? ish ish ish ..

Erra said...

*wegra waves at anisism on behalf of ayah chik*


babes, how was your trip? enlighten us...

Erra said...


i toldch you so many times before, join the pembaris ... the spesel post will come, soon after we do battle, if and only if you kalah

hint! hint!

cikPijah said...

eh! nxt time we go outing i bring camera u posing like ur ayah chik ok.

Erra said...


remind me to pakai seluar for that pose. :op

cikPijah said...

cis!! if u don't have one i ken borrow u mine. but on u of course it'll be sluar longgar

Erra said...

cik pijoh

i think, not longgar laa ... mebbe meretas ... stop perasan-ing you're cubster OK!