Tuesday, November 07, 2006

27 today

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shazlan's 27 today; for the next month + a bit we are sebaya!!! woohoo!!!

as his birthday was approaching, i can't help but to look back at our friendship. what's interesting, we went to the same kindergarten, primary school for a bit, met again during a levels + last, we went to the same university.

he knows when i'm being serious. he knows when i'm not to be taken too seriously. he knows when i'm being myself. he knows when i'm goofing around berbelit-belit with a mask. at my lowest ebb, him + allya were around to layan my kerenah. merci pour est là-bas quand j'étais à mon plus bas, je l'apprécie vraiment. pour donner me qui me recule quand je me suis brisé avec shaun. vous avez été un bon ami.

recently, i was scared shit, most tried to pacify me but they only made things worst, only shazlan knew i don't need assurance that things would be ok, either way i'd be able to handle, just a knock on my head saying that it's ok to be scared.

well shazlan, je sais que vous êtes occupé avec le travail, vous êtes concevoir occupé les ponts dans le Royaume-Uni, à travers Europe, vous êtes chasser occupé vos rêves, et que vous ne pouvez jamais trouver votre façon ici, toujours je veux à merci pour l'amitié + welcome you to the club! joyeux anniversaire! pouvoir vous atteint vos rêves...

romour has it, allya coming home tomorrow. thanks for loaning your allya to us for a bit. we'll take good care of her. hehe!

woohoo!!! allya, let's party!!!

bye shazlan!


mental muz said...

happy birthday weggy in 1 month plus a bit. gosh r u sure u turning 28? perangai saing2 i aje.

Erra said...


oh my goodness! menyesal ok check amende you comment.

nak buat cemana ... forever 21.

suzequatro said...

hey weggy.hows it goin.hope all is gud with u.

happy bday shazlan :)

Erra said...

hi sooz

i'm good, thanks.

bertique said...

hepi beday kepada sesiapa yg menyambut hari lahir pada bila-bila masa terutama skali pd shazlan.

dan wegra.


ti.e.na said...

weggy baby,remember;
age is just a number.:p

Anonymous said...

Blog updated as requested. Happy birthday in advance! Hehehe age indeed is just a number, especially if you look at my 82 year old sensei whacking people about like flies :p

Erra said...

tiena + imran

wassup y'all! what's with age is just a number?!

cepat depress that emergency brake ... am not getting near that big 30. demmit! imran, you go first, tell me how it feels to reach that number. :op