Monday, November 27, 2006


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it's been ages since i last entertained invites, no! not that i'm sombong or anything. do keep them coming. it's just that i'm going thru this phase, i felt i need to be by myself to assess things. (yeah! like the phase has been going on more than a year now. psycho!)

anyways, somewhere last week we, mama + myself, decided to confirm attendance for soroptimist international's "end violence against women" programme called "city survival skills for ladies" on sunday. my sister fong fei kei-ed because her boyfriend is home.

the person who gave the talk was bala, i've read about him, he's won loads of humanatarian awards. he started doing voluntary work after a freak accident, where people thought he had died + covered his body with newspaper + put stones around him, while he watched on in his pool of blood.

it always take a near death experience for a person to appreciate the real value of doing good. ok, probably not but i could relate to him. what i found intriguing was he majored in behavioural science, well human behaviour is something i find fascinating especially with the encouragement of a former flatmate who was working towards being a forensic psychiatrist and a sister who is going thru criminal cases as her homework.

jeng! jeng! jeng! ... takoot tak?! ...

the talk was a little revision and a lot of new information. if you ladies are interested on what i learnt, we can go over it over eskrem goreng or limau ais! (not posting them here as tips to penjahat wanita)

incidently, on friday, someone close to me was assaulted, with the intention to kill. luckily, he's smart + a fighter + able to think clearly under stress. he managed to escape getting killed + survived with 30 stitches on the head. there were three attackers with weapons - a baseball bat, an iron rod + an iron chain. a general rule when being attack, never get inside a car or an enclosed building with the attacker(s), because you'll be finished. another, don't put up a fight, defend self + run + get help from others!!!! don't believe what you see in hindi movies.

motive of the attack, you'd ask. a particular 25 year old boy had his best friend whispering to his ears that this person i know (MA) is having an affair with his soon to be ex-wife, who is MA's employee. i think it is gila bekos we're doing a project with him + the girl is just a minutes taker. they both have employer + employee body language + i've met them both in numerous occassions but i don't even know who this best friend is + what his assessment was based on.

i really think the 25 year old boy is dumb for gulping in 100% of his so called best friend's words + for taking action based on hearsay. even when someone say something to us or we see certain behaviour, they could be misconstrued by us + the scary part, a portion of that definition or label we gave to the person actually reflects us.

another ... jeng! jeng! jeng!

lesson: it's inefficient, but if you're going somewhere with the opposite gender for a meeting or on a project, the make up of our society requires us to have a third party.

to blokes out there, please don't be dumb like the 25 year old. even when your lady implicates another person, don't jump to batter another, investigate objectively first.

i'm sure you reading are bred a gentleman.

a reminder to self: never think that others think like you do nor do you think like others do.


mental muz said...

hey we live in the society where we beat em first then ask question later. just look at the police sudah la hahaha, bapak borek anak pun rintik la kan =b

Erra said...



habis? are you telling me social re-engineering is not possible?

kalo injecting ilmu would not make a person more civilised + refined, i say no to education! said...

nak educate 'buluh'?wont be dat easy i reckon.

Erra said...

ada ok machine to lentur buluh

mental muz said...

hahaha why r u being so defensive? i'm not saying its the right thing, but i just merely stating the facts. the fact is, in this country, u r guilty until found innocent. i'm sure u r aware of police brutality around us. so isit so suprising that some of us would also resort to violance when confrontation arises?

there is a sayings, " u can take a man out of a kampung, but u can't take a kampung out of a man."
hahahaha =b

Erra said...


how long have we been interacting? chet betul! still ada words misunderstood. :op

a sarcastic wit, could i call it that?

of course i'm very much aware of my surroundings. globalisation, rapid rural-urban migration, shifting trend from extended to nuclear family formation, increase in dual-income families, access to wealth and materialistic lifestyle are some factors known to have broken the abilities of the family to maintain its stronghold as the foundation of creating a resilient society.

when we worship materialism + forget that family units are the backbone of a nation, that's when things fall apart. things start spiralling out of control.

eh ... panjang karangan ni ... kalo nak go on ... tapi basically, what i hope to be doing is to remind all, myself inclusive, maybe there's an alternative reaction, a smarter reaction rather than resorting to violence + hate.

moreover, life is too short.

Anonymous said...

hmm .. kenala melentur dr awal, kalau ada yg dah terlepas jadi buluh - elok kita kerat, buat lemang.

takpun, perhiasan berasaskan buluh pada pameran maha2007.

still in doubt on "sayang anak tangan-tangankan, sayang bini tinggal-tinggalkan ..."

Erra said...


i donch believe in sayang anak ditangan-tangankan. i've never heard of sayang isteri ditinggal-tinggalkan.

che'fara said...

woman, i like they way you write lah.seriously.

okay out of topic jap.

rubyahmad said...

Oh boy! What a terrible incident that!! Thank God he's ok, alhamdulillah.

Erra said...


alamak, thank you. but don't believe what i write in my comment boxes 'cos most of the time, i'm mengarut. :op

wan bi

alhamdulillah ... a 'learning' for all of us as well.