Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a plot for contemplation

15 comments: said...

contemplating ape ni?

Anonymous said...

i'm contemplating everything today..
bosan nak mamposssss...

Erra said...

not contemplating anything ... berlari2an around kl je ... fenat very the!

cik pms

i'm contemplating taking one month off to naik train ronda thailand + backpack sengsorang ... i've been to all states in malaysia so nak venture out skeet ... but do i have the guts to pull the stunt? as in drop everything + ciao, probably not

cikPijah said...

yeay! at least ade sorang rajin apdet blog! thanks weggie!

Erra said...


dah korang malas, terpaksa i read my own writing ... ada updet ke?

*skodeng blog pijoh*

cikPijah said...

ooooo... same time!! hi weggieee!!!!

Erra said...


peeka ... peeka ... pekaboo!!!!

tak de update pun-g ... fenat je gi blog hang!

cikPijah said...

tak apdet lagi lah weggie.. tgh contemplate jugak

nak apdet? ke tak?
nak apdet? ke tak?
nak apdet? ke tak? :D

rubyahmad said...

A silly comment from me. Cats never contemplate. They are born to nap. It is up to us to contemplate why they nap so much. Ha ha ha. That one is soo adorable lah.

Eh! Your idea naik train ronda..hmm, I'd say do it when one is young, but naah, not in this crazy time, I mean not alone, get an equally crazy buddy to come along. said...

zeeka,see..weggy nak fong fei kei us.die nak naik train ronda thailand + backpack sengsorang .....weggy,tgk ur aunty cakap ape..we're ur crazy buddies,man..*angkat kening*

Erra said...


apdet laaa che oiii!

wan bi

one of the images bound to invoke something from someone

tu laa ... that's why i'm contemplating

lupa ke we're all working? rasa leh dapat one month off sesenang laik that ke? at most one, two weeks off ... two weeks pun my heart dah flutter laik well ... we can city hop ... 4 cities ke?

*wegra dreaming*

mental muz said...

thats why it is much easier to travel/backpack while we're studying. like you, i oso want to leave everything and go but who gonna pay all my hutang la? my car, my study loan, my credit card, my bla bla bla....

so i settled for a 4d3n gateaway instead wweeeee!!!!

Erra said...


i went backpacking dulu2, but i haven't covered the world map. (amboi! ambitious) betul laa tu, now terpaksa settle for a city by city fly-in-fly-out, borink ok!

Anonymous said...

contemplate apa nih?

nak berenti keje?
nak kawin?
nak g bercuti?
nak bli kete?
nak tido?
nak baca buku?
nak jumpa i? hehe

biler nak mkn eskrem nih!!

Erra said...



sapa yang eksyen macam losyen, eksyen boleh terjun lombong? itu zeekaa adkaa + dzurina dzulkhaini punya words ok.

when you have the ice cream you tell, we'll be there ... tonight, i'll be william's-ing ... thanks shrek! you're so schweet ... keh! keh! keh!