Friday, November 10, 2006

the blog is one

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all blogs exist to serve an agenda, personal or otherwise. these agenda breath life into them writings on the screen. over time, some agenda would change, yet some would remain. change may lead to the withdrawal of a blog from the blog world or even a change of address. some changes may lead to a blog to use a different voice, sometimes change its direction.

when i first blog, i planned to do a monologue. somehow zuhri found me, i presume through mack zulkifli's, and the rest is history. somewhere along the way i got all chicken over something trivial called the ex factor and decided to pull the plug.

recently, at a few berbuka dos, i found out that old friends had been reading my blog to know what’s happening in my life and them i’m in touch with. i realised since we’re all too ‘busy’ chasing dreams, blogs have become a useful tool for friendship. hence, i decided to end the sabbatical and came back blogging. (if somewhere in the future i decided to get all chicken again and pull the plug, feel free to give me a good kick in the arse)

through the blog sphere, i get to meet amazing people as well, whom i had crazy fun with and learnt a lot from. thanks very much, y’all!

it’s been an interesting journey...

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have a good weekend!


gus said...

Guess what. This is the first time i revisit since you pulled the plug and redirected me (and a whole bunch) to mteekos. Always 'asher asher nye' Damn! Who's arse shall I kick for missing all the stories and not knowing you came back to life? For real!

TunaTurner said...

happy birthday blog!:)

cpj said...

happy birthday ini blog where the story begins, ends and begin again. blogging is a good way for friends to keep in touch.. especially people like me who's not good at emailing or too shy to make phone calls to ask wassup. :p.. u keep on blogging weggie!! don't ever stop ok... cuti2 taper..

ifzan ibrahim said...

great to have u back teekos! now with more gila & lawa pictures!

popcornelvis said...

happy birthday!

me love you long time!

hahahha to agus.
kelakar lah agus ni

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

tetaapppp i jadik star kan?

Erra said...


feel free to kick dzu's arse
since she reckoned you're funny

for the next month and a bit, birthday is a very sensitive word

muz, shut up!


ok ... that word again


great to be back. you're being too generous ... pictures biasa2 je


hahahha to agus ye? ok agus, what are you waiting for, this is your chance

peeps, stand by those flashing cameras


kalo gambar tu was by agus + betik pun i post

motif ... to communicate, there's banyak meaning behind the word 'one' ... in the context of the perempuan gila by the beach collection - 'when two becomes one' ... in simple english, when individual blogs form a community

bertique said...

teruja i baca entry terbaru u nih.

like sgt teruja ok.

hmm ...

jgn tutup blog, nnt kena tendang kat pungkoq.

Erra said...


ofkos ... because it came from the heart

lets sing "my heart" + annoy des!!!

*evil laughter*

mental muz said...

happy birthday blog!

and no i wasnt being sarcastic there huhuhu

The man who sold his world said...

OMG u did before? *sobs* neway welcome back! its always nice reading your blogs :D

Erra said...



*a flying kick moving at the speed of light towards muz*

the man who sold his world

hi faish!