Friday, November 24, 2006


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allya's going off today, ima's going off on monday. i'll now have two less friends to sesuka hati shoot text messages or bug when i'm feeling bored or prankish or waggish. or i can still call + text them but face more frequent barring feat from maxis. it's only when the phone gets barred, i'll go snooping for a maxis centre to pay my bill. yup! i'm not an adult yet in that sense but at least i've now got my driving licence renewed + speed alarm switched on when driving! ada usaha for self improvement ok. :op

talking about 'self', there's this character test forwarded by hefle. what's interesting, all of my old friends whom i managed to coerce into taking the test are of 'grass fragrance'. birds of a feather? perhaps. or probably that's the only end offered by the test?

jeng! jeng! jeng!

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'self' is part of a larger entity; the world (mawi world!!!! ... sorry, i can't help it)

i find the world we live in rather uproarious. with characters capable of the comical antics of a clown, myself being one of them. so much so if it were to be wrapped in a movie, it'll have audiences rolling in the aisles.

remember i mentioned earlier that mama went to dubai?

well, in dubai she met this black guy who claimed to be the prince of an african country, who's travelling to malaysia on behalf of his dad to invest in malaysian companies. mama being mama was polite throughout the encounter. prince anthony, so he claimed his name was, exchanged cards with mama, his without a phone number. his justification? it's his house address.

a few days after mama reached home, prince anthony rang to tell her that he had difficulties with malaysian immigration and was sent back to dubai. mama being mama had to reply, "you should've called my mobile, i can help you." yet a few days later, he rang asking mama to wire him some money. by then mama was sceptical. a few minutes ago, he rang mama + asked her to meet him in dubai with a small sum of cash as collateral, in exchange he'll wire the us dollars his dad wanted to invest into the company account.

my delayed reaction was, "ma! there's no royal families there. africans were tribal nomads, if i remembered right. liberia is a government started by the black american settlers." mama answered, "but he travelled first class." my sister suggested, "he's a professional conman la ma. would his story be plausible to you if he were to fly economy? i think you should see more movies on con meng-con."

any good con meng-con movies we should let mama see?

anyways, never mistaken kindness for stupidity.

unless you think it is stupid to be kind. i think people who consider being kind as a sign of stupidity are scary. if i'm not mistaken, a conflict management text i read sometime back suggested that people who are manipulative view kindness as a weakness. how far true is that? nauzu billahi min dzalik, wallahu a’lam.

have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

african royal family.


i must be a royal ass if i were to believe that.

But i'm sure your ma is smarter than that. :) She could had wired him some HELL money.

Erra said...


i think ma's secretly having fun playing innocent + she's testing us to see if we'd easily fall for scams. :op

superdzu said...

the things that people do and say for money kan?


hi wegra!
good weekend?

che'fara said...

i did receive one mail saying that he's from africa bla bla bla need to put some cash bla bla bla in the account, i cant remember the reason why he need to put some money into the account.tapi craplah semua tuh.
ngarut je, kenapa dlm bebanyk org, kita yg dipilihnya.

happy sunday!

Erra said...


oops! the word i wanted was along the dumb, stupid line ... yang i type innocent ... obviously i was mencuri tulang while menulis karangan



good ... an interesting weekend ... a lot of learning



bekos we look rich ... ekekeke!

mana tahu lama2 betul2 rich!

*striking a rich pose*

Anonymous said...

senangnya nak tipu org kan? n the guts they have... sometimes i wished i had some of them.

ini nak tipu sunat pun takut!! so how?? :D

Erra said...


yup! the guts.

tak payah tipu, kalo situation kene tipu sunat to jaga hati just senyap + senyum sexy sampai the other person terkujat dog, lupa what was it you peeps were discussing. :op