Thursday, November 23, 2006

what remains is future

i saw a snippet of this documentary like movie called "ciplak" by a certain 26 year old khai. (a production made possible with the f.o.c. help from his malaysia + uk based friends ... that's what friends are for, for good times and bad times, i'll be on your side forever more, that's what friends are for, that's what friends are for) recently, when i crashed their preview for gsc peeps, i have to be honest with you, "ciplak" caught my attention; i was surprised + excited. no doubt the film smells low budget but it was the delivery which had swept me off my feet. (, no more medulla oblongata joke, thanks very much. nanti orang assume we're no school-ded vacuous bimbos when we know we're talking about cerebellar dysfunction); "ciplak" was refreshingly witty, full of humour. "ciplak" offers a candid discussion on the local bajakan industry. if you like "fast food nation" or alamak, apa title the indie on trainers, well if you like them, you'd like "ciplak". (i know i'm over doing the (...), it's bugging the flow of my karangan + some might go, "enough already!!!" + my answer? ske laa, jeles pe?)

apa lagi, catch it at the gsc near you lah! they'd be screening "ciplak" for the next two weeks yo.

"my only intention of making this movie was to make it ... because my dream was to make a feature-length movie before i turned 26. i just wanted to make a movie by the time i was 25, which i did. it’s just coming out now that i’m 26." - khai

shoot! i'll be 30 in two years time. would i be able to deliver my 'vision 30.y.o.' when i turn 30? and so that is the question we're left with. one of which (the vision laa not the question) is to hit the *cough* milloinaire mark by the age of 30. the younger, ambitious me didn't specify a millionaire under which currency, thank goodness! (i'm now imagining myself swimming in my rupiah converted ringgit) *snickers* hmmmmm ... maybe if we make the right moves we'd hit jackpot. if khai can do it, so can we. *the sneaky snicker turns to a nervous titter*

*wegra goes back to her drawing board*

by the way, we hung out last night ...

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we were at the ciplak launch party. i was excited to go because i found out that dragon red was playing. they played an acoustic set though + surprisingly they were still really good, especially that guy who was plucking the guitar away. what was his name again tiena? i went smiling when i saw baki emceeing, i haven't seen him since he made his career move. the thing i remember about him was the drama in his narrating, a simple boring encounter sounded theatrical coming from him. apparently he's got his own show on 8tv now, with a fan in tow bugging him last night for the tee he was wearing. oh! it was a male fan. hurmmmm ...

is 8tv changing their approach? they used to have party fun peeps on their programmes. i'm wondering 'cos ain's on the breakfast show now. both ain + baki are smart + witty. this common friend who's been bugging me to watch the breakfast show even commented that ain brought in "pandai" into the show.

dzu + sooz + ifzan + friends dropped by for a bit much later.

by 2 a.m. the battery has gone way beyond weak yo!

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tonite i'm out to win cranium in beluntas. have a good day folks!

8 comments: said...

thanx for dinner + good fun last nite babe!:)

Erra said...

no, thank you.

oh and thank goodness the plastic didn't fail me. ;o)

mental muz said...

yeah thanks wegra for coming. i wish i can make it but the traffic was pathetic. see u at rock the world la okeh

Erra said...


that's the one with butterfingers ke? ... hehe ... ignorant skeet

what a shame you missed the gig kalo tak boleh i belanja dinner ... but since you missed it ... nasib ah! :op said...

babe,butterfingers @kljamasia tomolo laa.joms?:)

Erra said...

*salivating badly*

Angel Eyes said...

soli, soli... very the soli onw

when u sms-ed me that nite... i dah tido.... penat study lah.

Erra said...

angel eyes


that nite, i'm not sure what time i reached home. yesterday i was a total zombie from lack of sleep.