Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i reckon

... it is timely that the nation consider venturing beyond the forever pilot syndrome, demonstrator applications or pilot projects are expensive investments and goes to waste when many failed to roll out
... the press, especially the titles formerly known as the broadsheets, should highlight the brains behind policy development like Dr K J John (an OP ... not bad!) + their proposals instead of batu seremban + teh tarik in space so that peeps, especially the previledged + educated, are assured that they are in safe hands
... i should upgrade to K800i (phewwit!!! ... cepat muz, experiment!)
... i should ignore my sister when she asks me out to the malls (shopping spree x 2 ... pokai very the ok)
... i should kick shrek's + tiena's butt tonite for pulling their own hitz fm gotcha call on me, when i was in a serious mode doing work (see ya later folks!)


Anonymous said...

He is here! he is here!

Erra said...

congratulations, mr daddy!!!

phewwit!!! baby ryan's out!!!

*running to stupe's for pictures*

mental muz said...

no need to try, just get it la. its the best out there woot woot. unless of course u want ur next story in video, then go for N93 la hehehe

Erra said...


ni semua imran nyer pasal laa ni

hmmmmmm ... but then short movies are cool

jeng! jeng! jeng!

*indecisive mode ON*

suzequatro said...

hitz fm gotcha call? i must not miss this!nice!

Angel Eyes said...

hello babe! said...

ade org tu siap da nak hang up ok..teehee..we gotcha good dat nite eh?:p

neway,i sokong u beli k800i tu.(psst,fon lame souvenir kat i cheapskate like dat.:p)

eh weggy,wuts the forever pilot syndrome eh?

mummy-o said...

morn wegz!

Erra said...


errr ... read the sentence again


hey you!

i was working on the submission, tak de masa nak layan shrek! :op

forever pilot syndrome is a concept related to my submission, i'm talking about our MOSTI ... they give seed grants, a one-time investment for proof of concept ... even after success, most projects, especially community based would die away due to many reasons. nak solve mungkin perlu social re-engineering sebab exists 'policy divide' dan macam2 hal tapi bottomline rugi laa kalo tak rollout ... hehe ... nyesal tak tanya?


good morning