Tuesday, November 28, 2006

much ado about nothing

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i guess i have to do this once more...

a message to them peeps who likes to spam my comment boxes (and other comment boxes) with racist hate comments, propagating disintegration, you're barking at the wrong tree laa sayang. no doubt, being in an environment where peeps are race conscious, i sometimes get sucked in but personally, black, white, yellow, red, brown and green (incredible hulk kan green) ... they are superficial to me.

let me give you my stand on the concept "ras" made popular during the era when aryanism peaked. (betul ke nazi yang 'popularise' the concept? ... sorry! i oso kompius oredi on this, forgot oredi my readings) to me race is a social, cultural and political concept based largely on superficial appearances. the concept of race is a historical construct and doesn't provide either valid classification or an explanatory process. popular everyday awareness of race is transmitted from generation to generation through cultural learning. attributing race to an individual or a population amounts to applying a social + cultural label that lacks scientific consensus + supporting data. sapa science person angkat tangan!!!

to young parents reading ... i beg you to break this curse. your children are our hope. when their mind are free of racial prejudice, then perhaps a better malaysia for all is possible.

come on, this race business was introduced by our former penjajah, it's the divide + rule legacy. the invention of the 3 main categories are a by-product of ang moh's imperialism feat. we all know the communities grouped under 'chinese' general heading ada macam2; hakka, hokiens, cantonese etc. similarly, the 'malays' ada macam2 jugak; javanese, bugis, makasarese, sumatrans (minang, mendahiling, acehnese, lampungs etc), jawi peranakan, arab peranakan, indian peranakan, chinese peranakan etc. (taadaa!!! see, in the malays oso got your cousins)

the two examples because the posts in my comment boxes were about the two.

what's beautiful about malaysia, this is where many of the world's cultures meet. even the orang asli were originally from the african continent, they travelled by land. oh, my marga lubis mendahiling ancestors ... they were a tribe from central india, they moved when the iranians attacked central india, travelled by land through semenanjung, and settled in sumatra. my great great grandfather ran to semenanjung when the dutch influenced the sumatrans to execute certain sect of the community. only a fraction of me is mendahiling, i'm a hybrid of macam2 culture. very the rojak. but i donch like mamak bistro's rojak, last time i had rojak with cik pms my tummy upset big time ok!

this realisation, of my family lineage, explains the attitude laa kot. we should learn to live with difference in our midst. asal kene rebut, fighting to prove who's more significant? who's more superior? that's very nazi passe ok. bak kata farish, our ancestors didn't seem to have any trouble living in a shifting world of overlapping territorialities and plastic identities. why us? why now?

how many of you believe in adam + eve? if you believe in adam + eve, that we were from one, then why are you contradicting your belief system?

jeng! jeng! jeng!

kru once rapped, "bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh".(yucks! i remember their tune!!!) we want malaysia to work, right? sudah2 lah tu ...

by the way, thank you for thinking that i'm an UMNO material. ske gila! *wegra blushing* you peeps are not the first, you know. *blushing again + went malu2 hiding behind her hair fringe* unfortunately, i'm not. i mean i'm not in UNMO, if i may, i'd like to still think i am an UMNO material, so again wrong tree. hmmm ... i wonder if i accepted the offer to play an active role in UMNO, would i have posted the "three-oh, oh oh!" post? if i did accept the offer, maybe i'd now be working towards *cough* world domination ... opocot! no, i mean being the first lady prime minister of malaysia ... opocot! eh ... meow actually ... rrRRRRrr!!!

*mode gila kuasa ON*

keris, a feminine object - a good read!


TunaTurner said...

sape cakap u org umno ni?buta ka depa?wegra ni org kuat PAS hokayyyy..:p

Erra said...


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dan selamat sejahtera

terima kasih kerana percaya akan kemampuan saya untuk menerajui pucuk pimpinan PAS daerah subang jaya. insya allah ya, dengan keizinan Allah saya akan menjalankan tugas sebaik mungkin.

sekian, terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

tmpt i pun kena spam tuh. tapi i label them as hanjing.

hahahha ..

i know, i'm cruel :D

Erra said...


tahu tak pe (keh! keh! keh!)