Saturday, December 10, 2005

Adieu London Red Bus, I bid thee farewell

One of London's icons, the famous Routemaster bus (the double decker red bus) has been taken out of service after sering the city for more than 50 years. Forty passengers joined dignitaries on the 159 route in Oxford St on the 1208 service which was 26 minutes late yesterday, Friday - 9th December 2005.

The move was deemed necessary because the buses are not accessible to all sections of society, such as the disabled and the elderly. The vehicles have been phased out and replaced with a more modern designs, considered safer and more accessible. Transport watchdog, London Travelwatch, said the continued use of the Routemaster, which is inaccessible to wheelchairs or baby buggies, was not viable.

The bus, however, will not die out completely with services operating on two heritage routes.

Route 15 will run from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill, via Fleet Street, while the number nine will start at Royal Albert Hall, end in Aldwych, and take in Knightsbridge and Piccadilly.

Sedihnya laa pulak! If I were there, I'd be with my camera to capture the moment.


David Cameron told Tony Blair “He was the future once” at his first appearance in Prime Minister’s Questions and it came down as line of the day. Such extraordinary display of confidence. I found an interesting Newsnight footage of a journalist trying to get close to David.


zuhri said...

lucky me i've boarded this bus during my short visit to london a few years back. what a shame it's put out of service but that's the price to pay in the name of social devlopment.

anyway, any particular reason you deleted the u're beautiful lyrics? bought john legend cd (actually never heard his songs before but bought it since you, afdlin and leen-ash-burn mentioned it that raised my curiousity). not bad but i still like the heart-wrenching-twisted-love-story of james blunt :)

Erra said...

Lyrics - It took too much space?!

And last weekend, again, I had to listen to James Blunt over and over in my friend's car. It doesn't do it for me still.

John Legend, I'm so in love with his crooning!

Erra said...

P.S. Found Sarah Brightman in my brother's CD collection. Whoah! That would definitely put me to sleep. A BIG NO, NO when I'm driving. Sorry Enche Zuhri, I doubt I can relate to the music.