Friday, December 02, 2005

jet set

Suddenly, the girls decided to be "jet set" and abandoned their friend a.k.a. guwe, all alone in this maddening place. Ini macam ka kawan?

Not that when they're in town we berkepit all the time but the knowledge that they'd be there to answer my calls or return my texts and that they'd jump on the invitation to hang out was more than enough to warm the heart. Today, i feel a tiny void. (Yep! This is meant to make y'all feel guilty about leaving me this week. No pun intended.) :op


zuhri said...

my definition of freedom is to be able to just leave everything in hands and just go or do whatever i want. *sigh* my dreams

Erra said...

guess what enche zuhri, you do have the freedom to just leave everything in hand and just go or do whatever you want. but you made the choice not to, you made it your responsibility not to.

zuhri said...

if i made that choice, then how do i define myself? irresponsible? running away from commitment? errr..gone mad??

zuhri said...

btw, i think u should betulkan the time of the blog. i commented at 10.54am, bukannya 6.54pm :) unless of course my dear, u're in some other part of the world and not in mesia :)

Erra said...

my bad ... let me get acquainted with the blogging system; dashboard and all. am still learning.

oh ya! gone mad is good.

you are protected from being "responsible" of your decision, your behaviour and the state of mind is to be blamed.