Saturday, December 10, 2005

Julius Ceasar

I laughed like a hyena at Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like It. I cried buckets at Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. I got pissed off at Othello. I loved Ramli Ibrahim sutra dance, I jumped to give him a standing ovation. I boogied along with The Stomp and gave them a standing ovation. So much so, the group behind me went, “Like that also want to give standing ovation”.

Basically, I’m easy to please.

But I left Joe Hasham’s Julius Caesar with a blank. I was more impressed with the venue; it reminded me of Manchester’s Greenroom. Alamak! Rindunya …… Pete Teoh once performed at the Greenroom, I think it was he.

Last night’s play was on the assassination of Julius Caesar by opulent conservatives in the senate, who felt Caesar was an ambitious man, hence would bring danger to Rome. I’m familiar with the story, watching it was like me going through a text. I have to give credits to Cassius (Patrick Teoh) and Marc Antony (Gavin Yap) as they managed to attract my attention though the cast as a team failed to pull me in, dribble my emotions, poke and wring occasionally. I was disappointed really.

And they didn’t warn us about the throbbing light in their effects. Someone with migraine or epilepsy could get an attack and the production can be sued! My eyes went watery je, so the production team are safe from having to face my wrath. When I was at university, a production like so, would leave warning on their posters and when we purchase the tickets, they would remind us that they use such lighting effects.

Tapi best nyer Sentul West! It’ll definitely be the next Bangsar if YTL’s plan pulls through. But then me Tamarind apartment no more….:o(

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