Thursday, December 08, 2005

venting out

had a bad start at work with some customers.

i'm firm, definitely, but am trying my best to stay polite. why can they just be objective. they have been delaying and wanted to delay payment further, at the same time wanted us to deliver the moon and the sun.

when they realised they couldn't bend me, they started throwing personal attack. tak pakai tudung pun jadi issue!

what was that about?!

tarik nafas .... lepas .... tarik nafas .... lepas ... smile girl!


zuhri said...

whoa....u shuld tell them "so, u wanna taske my kick?" (copyright anisism)

zuhri said...

i mean "taste"...alahai typo

Erra said...

it was hard trying to hear over and over what my uncle used to tell me to keep my calm, "be magnanimous".

we've travelled further than they, we've experienced more than they, we've read more than they. we know better. why do we need to bring ourselves down to their level? kesian kat diorang.

bunyi macam perasan bagus. :op

Erra said...

"too sincere for dissimulation, too magnanimous for resentment"

Ellen Glasgow