Tuesday, December 20, 2005

mummy and daddy dearest

I’m not sure if this is common with couples who married young, but that’s my adiks-beradiks’ diagnostic. Or is it just my parents?

Bapak, he’s a tea person and Mama, a coffee person. They’ve lived happily that way until one day Mama bought Nescafe Gold and fell head over heels with it. Bapak was curious and had a taste; he too fell head over heels. I was curious as well but to me it’s just coffee.

Anyways, since they are both drinking the same drink of course laa habis cepat. Mama buys her own coffee and after half a year of buying and buying and seeing Bapak goyang kaki habiskan the drink, she got annoyed. Last week she bought a new bottle of Nescafe Gold and hid it. I saw Bapak going back to his tea. I went in my head, “Haiks?! Bukan Mama dah beli coffee baru ke?” Mama of course was satisfied.

To cut the story short, last Friday Bapak discovered the Nescafe Gold and went on a membebel spree. He hid the bottle. Mama pun annoyed Bapak hid her coffee and carik the bottle, after she found it, she hid it somewhere else. It goes on and on.

They don’t talk to each other about it. Guess who had to suffer, moi.

Maybe I should buy another bottle, to create that false satisfaction that they both managed to out smart each other.


zuhri said...

aisay, cik maryam, be a doll and buy them a nescafe gold each. habis citer, and they'll love you tonnes more. nasib baik nescafe, kalo diaorang gilakan arabica from coffee bean, parah jugak tu.

Erra said...

cannot do that ... nanti sensitive ... kene buat senyap2

but wait for their anniversary 14 Feb nanti ... i know what to do ... hehehe

zuhri said...

wahhh...they got married opn 14 feb? veli lomantik. hey, i'm not that old for you to call uncle la. just a few years older than you. hmm....abang zuhri sounds nice...hahahaha

Erra said...

uncle zuhri

lomantik hapa nyer?! expensive!!!!

tak kesian ke kat anak2 yang nak organise a celebration or beli hadiah for their anniversary?! :op

if i get married, i'll con the other half into holding the wedding on his birthday, so that he'll have to celebrate me on his birthday! hahahahaha!

zuhri said...

yeah, u tell him that he's gonna have the best birthday gift - you! which reminds me that both my mum and i share the same birthday. i always tell her that i'm her best birthday gift. funny thing is...she never said yes...hehehe

Erra said...


that says it all

mummy-o said...

your parents are the cutest, wegra!

Erra said...

the problem is lynor, they think, no they believe they are cute too!

the truth is, we (read: their children) are much cuter!!!