Tuesday, December 13, 2005

lakan balu

I’m taking a fiver. The clock starts now …….

Yesterday I finally met this bloke I’ve been in touch with since 2003, through Friendster. Hehe! Not a word to the psycho cat – Ah Beng! He will liken me to them people sending their profile to URTV for the luuuuangan be-ke-nalan. :op

Hey! I can safely claim 99% of them on my Friendster list are people I’ve known or previously met.

Anyways, I discovered how uncomfortable it is when you know the other party is analysing you. The problem is when I meet a new person that’s exactly what I do. Hehe! The difference was I don’t share with the other person my “findings”, this bugger told me all.

Just because my eyeball likes to do a certain movement, he considered me highly creative, a dreamer. Demmit! (Mental note: next time consciously manipulate your eyeball movement)

Just because my favourite board games are MONOPOLY and RISK, I’m out to conquer the world. Chait! Wouldn’t it be possible I like them both because my OKU ID reads etymologically challenged (Oh ya! OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya) hence, me being crap at SCRABBLE and BOOGLE. (Mental note: learn to excel at word board games so that I can claim I like them)

Last, he thought I was a good girl, who doesn’t do wild parties. Hehe! He definitely got that wrong or did he?! Define wild parties.

But he'll make a good friend. Yey! Ada lakan balu!

P.S. To a lakan lama ...

Happy Birthday, laling!


zuhri said...

yang jauh kita dekat-dekatkan, yang dekat kitarapat-rapatkan

Erra said...

baik enche!

Wong Ah Beng said...