Monday, December 05, 2005


This is to report that Jean Todt was seen wondering in KLCC last weekend clad in black and white hand drawn silk batik shirt, presumably for the batik do outside KLCC. I scanned for his fiance, Michelle Yeoh but was no where to be found.

Anyone considering a career change; paparazzi-ing is the new found niche market in Malaysia needs servicing. Capture a good picture of Todt and Yeoh having a blast in Malaysia, you can sell it to Hello! magazine for a hefty sum. :op

And I've a new favourite Malaysian designer, in addition to Tom Abang Saufi and Melinda Looi, he's Nizam Ambia. Love his blatik techniques, rather genius, and his dramatic designs. Bila laa nak start commercialising his work? He's been around for quite a while tho, the man needs to act fast and capitalise while his ideas are still fresh. Moreover, he's operating in the "ciplak" land. If he doesn't, sooner or later, someone would.


zuhri said...

have done that, and got kicked in my face (methaphorically) a couple of times. local mag and papers pay very little for these photos.

Erra said...

sell to international tabloids la! hehe!