Saturday, December 24, 2005

a gentle heart in pirates' lair

malaysia is one of the world's top producers of pirated dvds. bbc news reported that a third of pirated films sold in britain originated from malaysia. the pirate dvd's were being shipped to the uk from crime gangs in malaysia. a wide-ranging police operation cleared fake discs off malaysia's streets and out of its shopping malls but when the raids stopped the pirates returned.

against the above background, i wish to share a story.

i was having supper with mom and her friends in rasta; it's a hawker centre in ttdi, kuala lumpur. a young girl came up to us and offered us her merchandise; pirated dvds. none of us at the table paid attention to her. i uttered "no, thank you" to emphasise that we were not interested in buying the dvds.

for some reason, auntie akmar went to ask, "you don't go to school arr?" she whispered, "no". auntie akmar continued, "how old are you?". she answered, "14". auntie akmar raised her voice slightly, "why don't you go to school?" she choked, "family problem". upon which puan sri akmar started to cry, and so did the girl.

auntie akmar pulled out a sum cash and put them in the girl's hand and told the girl, "i just want you to go to school". the girl whispered in reply, "cannot ... financial problem".

do you want to help this little girl raise money for her family or do you want to help them big hollywood production house fight piracy?

she who've touched so many lives


zuhri said...

i;m sure thos ekids were not the ones who tried to sell to you the pirated dvds, rite?

anyway, were u the one in the blue vietnam cheongsam trying to do the cha cha with the boy? :)

mummy-o said...

From what i see, she is a good-hearted lady indeed!

Erra said...

enche zuhri

them kids are from anak2 yatim house, we treat to lunch last week. not the same kid who tried to sell DVD, she's a Chinese kid.

i'm behind the lens and the lady is cheongsam is a datin who's 50 plus. her bod looks young ey? ;o)


memang, she's real nice! we went swimming together gether yesterday. she'd make a cool mother in law, for your sisters?! hehehe! :op