Saturday, December 24, 2005

say good bye to an old blog

some of the junks from me old blog


Em said...

Nice and innovative pics...Happy holidays tau!

zuhri said...

now is time to say goodbye to all of our company, m.i.c (see ya real soon), k.e.y (why? bcoz we love you), m.o.u.s.e....*and two of them cutey kids became britney spears and christina aguilera*

mummy-o said...

goodbye? is this the one yg anon 2?? man!! goodbye?? was just abt to go hunting again..oh well..huhu ;)

Erra said...


thanks very much ... you too have a good holiday ... x'mas is always a big celebration in singapore, no?


that's my other blog, which shaun was still reading. the anon is still on ... happy hunting dear! :op

Erra said...


am thinking of deleting my anon blog as well. tapi sayang nak buang a few materials. :op

went to wash & blow. hairdresser went, "you banyak pikir ye?", i went, "ha? kenapa?", she went,"your hair banyak gugur laa".


mummy-o said...

isit? same here laa. I thk they wanna promote their products laa..hihi