Friday, December 16, 2005

akad nikah

I smiled when i saw NST's headline this morning.

The reported registration number "JJJ 7" with the highest bid of RM 500,000 sometime back was on the red Ferrari and today's headline reported that mas kahwin for Julia Banos was RM 77,888.77. Terrer eh their PR, the news flow. I went wondering how many millionaires are there in Malaysia. I know for a fact there are 45 thousand millionaires in Hong Kong.

Yesterday, auntie Akmar rang and told us that the setting for Rina's akad was too beautiful to be missed. Her P.A said that we should be there as it would be wedding of the year. I was like, fine, I'll go. Went home and asked mom what should I wear. Mom said, "anything ... you bergaya macam mana pun diorang lagi terrer". Hehe! Good one, mom.

When I reached Jalan Dungun I was lutut-ketaq at the sight of rows and rows of Jag and Merc. Had to wedge the cute green arse (that's the nickname to our tiny car for those who doesn't know) of ours in between. True enough, the night was magical. I just love the string quartet, I've seen them performed in KLCC. Of course I parked my arse right smack in front of the quartet. The groom was playful, after the akad he shot his hand to the air, "I did it!", sewel apa budak ni, he even layan Auntie Akmar for a short joget melayu. A few other aunties joined them to joget under the stars.

Kid Chan was there as well, he was in full baju melayu. Even he knows how to hormat majlis. SN covered my friend's wedding in jeans and black t-shirt bearing "good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to phuket". Achocho!

And the couple, they were very much in love. I was overwhelmed.


Izan said...

maryam, whose wedding is this? Takde pics ke?

by the way, I used to admire all these grand weddings .. but now I started to wonder with current trend of divorce.. are all those grand wedding worth the event?.. or it's just a big waste of everything.. effort.. money.. memories.. time..

Sigh.. sorry I'm not too optimistic about future nowadays..

zuhri said...

the most important part of a wedding is the akad nikah, the rest is all just a decoration.

cik, i reviewed james blunt an john legend in my latest entry

Izan said...


fyi, the "friend" that made maryam listened to you're beautiful, over and over again was unfortunately me..


m now shifting my interest to "goodbye my love" by james blunt..

anyway, any good, upbeat cd that is good to listen to nowadays?.. Need to boost my confidence in life..

Erra said...

izan sayang

it wasn't the grandeur or even folie de grandeur i admired most. i was sat at a corner near the string quartet observing.

it was just the unspoken stuff i was observing, the air that night. of mother's love. of siblings' love. that little twinkle in rina's eyes. the excitement nizam was trying to contain. little, little things.

you better stop listening to james blunt laa sayang. he's getting to you.

Erra said...

enche zuhri

you better give good review to john legend eh ... he's the love of my life!

mummy-o said...

i have to admit, i luv weddings. Call me crazy but the emotions, the grandeur (or even the simplicity of it), the adat etc.. is wat i luv abt it. Oh.. plus the food. Hehe.. yup me luv food.

JJJ 7 Ferrari to an akad nikah eh??

String quartet for akad nikah??

They thk of everything.. :)

I went to a lovely akad nikah at Dewan Perdana yesterday 2. I cant help feeling the emotion just after the groom lafaz the akad. Felt it for the bride n can just imagine her feelings n emotions. Tho duduk sila CAN get ur feet cramped tho!! Bergenang air mataku (tapi tak mengalir yea!) ;)

zuhri said...

ni apa citer pasal kahwin melancholic la everibodi.

izan...thanks for letting me know what can irritate si maryam ni...hehe. yeah, goodbye my love is good, i also love tears and rain

Erra said...


why couldn't i find the word "emotion" when i was trying to explain what made me go overwhelmed?!

thanks lynor

errr ... we are so mushy feely now, why eh? we O already izit? hehehehe ... menyesal O not you told me, now i get to tease you!

by the way, i still suka banget sama your wedding picture that i have and looking forward to Arina's photographer ... hahahaha!

Izan said...


sorry i have to fong fei kei about our pontianak harum sundal malam movie date.. going back JB tonite.. can't cotain whatever i felt in myself anymore.. need to share with my sisters.. see you next weekend lah ye..

Erra said...

excuse me, enche zuhri

who was it who likes james blunt?! ... hehehehe ...

and how come loving wedding = melancholic?

it's no malancholia, it's a validation that maybe true love does exist, that maybe there is light at the end of a tunnel, that maybe all's well that ends well.

(errr ... ok tak wa goreng?!)

zuhri said...

hhmmm...i think a wedding does not reflect love at all...very superficial la, it's more for the mak ayah meraikan keluarga or maybe to some, to show off whatever they have. being pessimistic and hopeless, am i? hahaha...maybe i've given it up, entahlah. hmm...maybe i'm the one who's melancholic.

anyway, tomorrow i've to attend a deputy minister's son or daughter's wedding coz' my boss couldn't make it. and i have to buy the present...ishh...maleh betul nak gi.

Erra said...

enche zuhri

Grrrrrr ... I’m not talking about the bersanding, the kompang and all …

You see… what you see is fashioned by your past experiences, belief system and values. You saw the other side of the whole event, the superficial side. You don't see what I see, and how I see them. Maybe you do but it pains you to acknowledge it, and that’s a big maybe.

Anyways, I’m not talking about the event, lets chuck the event out of the picture, and we can both agree that the hu-hus and ha-has are superficial. Let’s look at the union of two people, that's what I’m on about. What made them decide the union was possible? What made them certain that they can pass that “hurdle”? That’s what moved me. And parents’ sheer happiness, you know the whole emotion thingie. (errr … do I sound convinced?)

Tomorrow nite you got a wedding? Tonite got one, tomorrow oso got another wedding. Damn these people quit getting married!

+ + + +


No worries, whatever it takes to get the load out of your system, dear.

I’ve fallen, I’ve been burnt. I understand the pain but cut it short, ‘tis not worth prolonging. You don’t see it now, since the problem is too close to you but the world is beautiful. OK lah fine, I’m a bad example. I’m too independent; now I don’t feel the need to be in a relationship. :op (I know you don’t need a friend to tell you what to do … jangan marah ya, dear)

Goh! That song again … “you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, it’s true” … and that is all I hear and it goes round and round

Izan, I miss your old self! Come back quick. Sapa lagi nak layan me do my puerile activities? Sapa yang berani offer ice cream and shove it to my face?

zuhri said...

whoa! did i push the wrong button? sorry girl...okay..okay..i got what you meant. yup, now i see what you saw. my apology.

yes, my past experience could draw up a different picture for me. i dunno, like i said, i might have given up. oh well, my opinion matters very little and as you've said ...people all over the world are getting married every minute. god bless them and pray that they live happily ever after

Erra said...

and my julia banos comment that was berbaur sinis. :op

Erra said...

alamak ... the "grrrr" was a playful "grrrr" ... if i'm truly annoyed, you'd find no sound effect.

zuhri said...

would that be just *dush dush*? and i'll find myself on the floor? hehehe

Erra said...

pretty much