Monday, December 26, 2005

a moment of cruelty

she comes here everyday
to see me
she tells me
about her day
her life
her work
her dreams

i could see her desires
sense her loneliness

i was tempted

in a moment of cruelty
i offer myself
to her
just before she

for the satisfaction
of knowing
i could have her
but i won't,

i take it back
just when she breaks into





Em said...

Hello Erra

Nice Poem (?)u got der.Celebrations in SIN for Xmas depends on who yg celebrate me like d fact that Im off dats all but dunt like d fact semua yg nak buat like the post off I cant do cos its Closed..

How was it wer ur at?

zuhri said...

oh dear, very sad poem. sounds like what i'm going through right now....and it's killing me.

Erra said...


"Closed"? You should come over to Malaysia next X'mas then. Everything is "Open" and on "Sale"!

I had X'mas dinner with a few expat. Being the only Malay there who doesn't drink, it's quite an effort to explain to everyone I don't drink. After turning down the drinks, I thought I was safe. Tengok2, the food was prepared with wine and liquor. Demmit! Nasib laa, asalkan wine and liquor halal. :op

They later went bar hopping, I went straight home to snuggle under the duvet for a good read.

I did quite a bit last weekend, a good weekend I'd say. :o)

enche zuhri

you can relate? to the she or the he, who's taking advantage of the situation?

that was based on a conversation by a group of men i over heard in coffee bean subang parade. be careful when bragging OK, I can hear.

Erra said...


i misunderstood.

post office, banks and all are closed.