Thursday, December 08, 2005

kwang! kwang! kwang!

I’ve always believed that this world is small. Henceforward, you have to do good to others. Refrain from being nasty, unless you really have to. :op

I mean, imagine: You played a gal, you trashed her good. 20 years from now, your daughter is going out with her son. Drama swasta in the making!

This brings me to the story Lynor is making me share – hope you’re happy Mummy-o! KAK Wegra (to Arina) will try ….

There’s this young photographer, rather good with the lenses. He specialises in wedding photography. I admired his work; I’ve been recommending that my friends employ him as their photographer.

Anyways, after his stint covering a “royal wedding” in London, he came back posting his displeasure with the Malaysian market and criticising his customers for suggesting that his RM 2,500 rate is steep on his “marketing tool”. He claimed photographers in the UK are millionaire.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

I didn’t want my favourite photographer to lupa daratan so I tegur something along the line: You should be grateful the Malaysian market has grown, has matured. Previously, wedding photography means studio photography and people would record the event which their own camera. Today, we employ professional photographer.

Someone who read my comment, commented that his avid fan has turned to the other side, instead of the usual praises I now criticise. I tried to correct her; I don’t hate him. I still think the bloke is good at what he does. But criticising the market he’s serving was unjustified. We paid our Malaysian photographer well. And not all British photographers are millionaire. For one event we had in London, we paid a British photographer 500 quid for the day’s event. So where did the millionaire rumour came from? I gave facts to back my arguments.

The photographer went all defensive and went attacking. He claimed, the British photographer we employed was not a posh photographer and you won’t find posh photographers covering our non-posh events. Fuiyoh!

I was in the mood to be puerile so I asked him to define posh? His London partner replied obviously I’ve never been to London for I don’t understand the term posh. He likened it as going to a posh restaurant and paying a few hundred quid and a restaurant paying a few quid for a meal. Interesting, the opposite of posh restaurant is restaurant. :op

I know I was being childish and notty! But just this once…..

The whole thing ended up with me tergedik-gedik ala2 merajuk, konon hurt gila and told him I’m not visiting his fotopages anymore. He said good riddance.

A few months later…..

His London counterpart covered our event. Kah! Kah! Kah!

And today I found out, he got my younger brother to be on his London team. He! He! He!

And they are bidding for our May 2006 event. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shall I be evil or shall I be magnanimous?


zuhri said...

errr....again, u should ask him "so, u wanna taste my kick?" (copyright anisim)

Erra said...

fine ... lets plan a kick ... i wonder how would he react if i introduce myself after the meeting ... grin!

who's anisim by the way? i'm being ignorant aren't i?

Erra said...

alamak! tadi dalam radio, afdlin shauki kata jangan bully orang. :op

zuhri said...

anisism is a blog belongs to a just graduated architect chic in melbourne. check out her blog linked in my blog. she may look sweet but a sure kick-ass chic :)

zuhri said...

btw, i've bought james blunt cd without even listening any of the songs, purely because of ur rambling about him :)

and i must say it's the most exciting album since i found joss stone's soul session a few years back. his voice reminds me of five for fighting, while his songs of tracy chapman, but with more instruments.