Thursday, December 15, 2005

nak pegi!

I was signed up for the Perdana Global Peace Forum 2005. I've set my mind to go. I'm excited at the prospect of being there.

Yesterday evening in came a fax from this Government agency we're working with commanding us for a meeting on Monday. The superior being requested that I stay in the office to do preparatory work.

Grrrrr ........ tantrum la nih! tantrum la nih! Uwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


zuhri said...

errr....aren't u supposed to be a peaceful person since u're going to attend the global peace thingy?

Erra said...


that's a good one

Erra said...

i guess you just found out how much a drama queen i can be.

i'm listening to the forum live streaming. it's doesn't matter me not going pun. saja gedik!

zuhri said...

visited ur fopages. hmm...hardcore tkc awak ni, ye?

Anonymous said...

*pat pat wegra on the head* take it easy dood.. u were such an easygoing person back in school.. or were u? :P

wei biler mau get together for a teh tarik or sumthing?

Erra said...


i miss you!!!! errr ... are you sure you have a baby already?! hehehehe! very much in denial still

enche zuhri

can't help it la ... my mom, most of my mom's friends, my aunts, some of my cousins, most of my friends are tkcians ... widie here pun a tkcian ... i'm left with not much choice

Wong Ah Beng said...

oo tkcians ekkk..

Erra said...

ah beng

is it bad being a tkcian?

how come you peeps kenal tkc huh? not many from the group of people i hang out with post-tkc knows tkc.

zuhri said...

ah beng...u tkcians jugak kan kan kan?

Wong Ah Beng said...

no din say its bad la..
tkc sekulah glemer whattt..ofkos peeps kenal itu sekulah.. :)

wa ada apply mau masuk tkc.. tetapi rejected. they said i'm a male..
that school soo sexist wan...huh.. :/

Erra said...

mana ada sexist ... one year when i was there a boy's name got sesat in the Form 1 intake list ... hehehe! ... maybe it was you la ah beng!!!